• Mr Wells

    XP question

    February 14, 2013 by Mr Wells

    Does anyone know about the Marvel XP levels?  I see them in the news screen but  I don't understand how to progress up those levels. 

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  • Mr Wells

    Roulette Strategies?

    February 13, 2013 by Mr Wells

    Hi all,

    I was just reading a post on getting Magneto.  Some people seem to have had a lot of good fortune in getting ISO's, and/or gold which allowed them to farm/buy lockboxes.  This is something that I've been thinking about for some time. 

    Here is a question for all to get a conversation going: 

    Do the roulettes (daily, deploy, and/or Bosses) have a pattern?

    If not, how do people choose which box to pick?  Do you pick the same one every time or different one each time?

    I pick either top left or middle left boxes.  I choose mostly the middle left.  I'm going to chart my next 100 roulettes and let you all know what kind of luck I have.

    Thanks to all who participate in this discussion.

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  • Mr Wells

    PVP - Best practices

    February 11, 2013 by Mr Wells

    Hello all,

    I just saw that X-23 is the reward for the next PVP season.  I'm terrible at these.  I also can't afford 135 CP characters.  So, I thought I would ask for input from all on what works and what doesn't.

    I've done the 5 daily fights...that didn't get me very far.  I've done the wait until the last day...that didn't work either since I have to stop playing to go to work.  I can't take a day off to play a game.  Time off is like gold and it is reserved for spending time with the family.  I'm thinking playing long and hard on oppening weekend when I can, hopefully getting to the Adamantium (spelling ?) level and hopefully staying there.  Has anyone used this method and if so, how did it work?

    I mainly use Emma (10) and Invisible Woman (…

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  • Mr Wells

    Stuck on SO 6

    February 8, 2013 by Mr Wells

     I don't have the heroes required to meet up with GG on SOm3.  What other option is there to get past task 4 other than paying 40 gold.  That's 40 gold for 16 lockboxes.  That's 2.5 gold per lockbox.  Is there a gurantee that after 4 starring the three missions that I would get Magneto? Or can I get credit for 4 starring and just purchase 16 lockboxes for task 4?

    I'm at task 17 for Havok.  I need a lot of allies and ISO's. I'm trying to preserve my gold for skipping task 25 for Havok.  I know I have 18 days left to complete SO so I know I can do it.  It's just a matter of having the ISO's for the battles.

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  • Mr Wells

    Game crossroads

    November 13, 2012 by Mr Wells

    Hi all,

    I am currently on task 22 in Special Ops 4 with 14 days left. Woot a couple of days I'll have Ghost Rider.

    I currently have 19 heroes in my roster...soon to be 20. Nine of which are at level 10 or above. See list below.

    My plan once I get GR is to level up all my heroes to level 12 before I get more. This will allow me to save CPs to get those that I need/want. My goal is to get all the heroes that I can. Is this a good plan or do I just need to have these 9 at level 12 for deployments? Let me know what you think.

    I'm not big on PVP. For one, I don't believe I can get to where I can earn Cable. I had a hard time trying to get to Deadpool. Secondly, I just do the five PVP daily fights to raise my heroes xp.

    Hero level Points to…

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