Why are there so many events going on at once?

Theres Spec Ops, Covert Ops, PVP, Sales for heroes, Sales for lockboxes.

Speaking of lockboxes, I'm sure they'll do this for every character and Magneto is definately at the top of my list for LB heroes I want.

Right now I have 35 gold exactly, I'm level 120.


Magneto - I have 3 covers 

OS - 6 covers

Constrictor- 7 covers

Electra- 7 covers

These are the heroes I want, I have Juggs and don't want the others. Do you guys think I should go ahead and buy magnetic? or wait for sales on the others? Also I'm considering getting spiderwoman seeing as shes improved and only 11 gold, but I'm told not to spend gold on any but lockboxes...

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