I'm sick of these combos of teams , its always either 

Tact. Agent , Cyclops , and Rescue. Rescue uses all 4 moves on her first turn screwing your team over. Then every team member of hers gets flames of destruction every turn, with maybe one member not getting it one turn. infiltrators are useless because of both Cyckes and Rescues abilities. You try your best to kill rescue but its hard with all her shields and magnetizing you every turn. By the time you get her to half health , she resets status, heals and shields and the fun starts again. 

Or replace Cyclops with IP and what happens is by the end of the first round every team member is targeted and IP uses overcharge and 21 guns and takes down each member to half health, afterwards the radiation and other plays kill them.

On the other hand there are teams with Ares which uses war never changes to get mental coordination like Psylocke but for a passive, personal war each turn. But the best is crush your enemies: removing your teams' buffs and stunning 2-3 members all on the first turn. 

I don't know what to do I want to use heroes other than thor, but I need him to counter all the wolverines. Wolverine who heals 1/4 of his health every turn, whos counter takes out half your member's health, who counters and protects every attack, who many times gains an extra turn, who slowly bleeds the crap out of every team member after clawing chunks of their health out. 

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