• Mr. E123

    MAA NEW character Designs

    December 4, 2013 by Mr. E123

    Guys take a look at these new hero designs of heroes from Avengers Academy.

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  • Mr. E123

    Common PVP teams

    October 23, 2013 by Mr. E123

    I'm sick of these combos of teams , its always either 

    Tact. Agent , Cyclops , and Rescue. Rescue uses all 4 moves on her first turn screwing your team over. Then every team member of hers gets flames of destruction every turn, with maybe one member not getting it one turn. infiltrators are useless because of both Cyckes and Rescues abilities. You try your best to kill rescue but its hard with all her shields and magnetizing you every turn. By the time you get her to half health , she resets status, heals and shields and the fun starts again. 

    Or replace Cyclops with IP and what happens is by the end of the first round every team member is targeted and IP uses overcharge and 21 guns and takes down each member to half health, afterwards the r…

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  • Mr. E123

    Too many Events

    October 2, 2013 by Mr. E123

    Why are there so many events going on at once?

    Theres Spec Ops, Covert Ops, PVP, Sales for heroes, Sales for lockboxes.

    Speaking of lockboxes, I'm sure they'll do this for every character and Magneto is definately at the top of my list for LB heroes I want.

    Right now I have 35 gold exactly, I'm level 120.


    Magneto - I have 3 covers 

    OS - 6 covers

    Constrictor- 7 covers

    Electra- 7 covers

    These are the heroes I want, I have Juggs and don't want the others. Do you guys think I should go ahead and buy magnetic? or wait for sales on the others? Also I'm considering getting spiderwoman seeing as shes improved and only 11 gold, but I'm told not to spend gold on any but lockboxes...

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  • Mr. E123

    PVP strategy

    September 3, 2013 by Mr. E123

    Any one know a good way to beat this

    Its always either- 

    Shadowcat Infiltrator that starts the game phased,

    then pheonix uses mind link, Kitty then beats the crap out of my team who either gets killed by attacking and getting countered twice by her or doing nothing and her beating the crap out of them, them I have one guy left she attacks kills my last guy and becomes unphased. 


    Agent with protect using a sinister scepter, so I can't do anything for two rounds, while they attack...

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  • Mr. E123

    PVP teams

    August 22, 2013 by Mr. E123

    I need a good team agaisnt this combination

    p5 cyclops

    Blaster Aegis agent


    Heroes I have are

    IM m42 - Bl

    BW - I

    HE- T

    BC- I

    CA WW2 -T

    p5 Cyclops - T

    DS - Bl







    Thor MA-B

    p5 EF-T

    psylocke- I







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