Gather around, let me tell you a story...

SpecOps 11 cover

Oh, hello there. Hold on for a sec, i have assess to kick...

Special Operation 11 is here, with Daimon Hellstrom as winable "hero" while his

hawt sister Satana is LockBox reward. While I'm glad that Daimon is finally released, and that lovely Satana will join LBs collection of many, many happy people, this Special Operation also gave us two possible future LB heroes.

One is Anthony "Tony" Masters, also known as Taskmaster, Tasky, That guy with skull on his face, Not Red Skull etc. Second one is MacDonald "Mac" Gargan, also known as Scorpion, Venom, Spider-Man and Guy which appearance means more symbiote in future. Oh, goodie.

While I approve Taskmaster appearance, although is a bit of luckluster in chapter 1, Gargan comes to me as sign of Apocalypse. And I'm not talking about X-men bad guy. As someone who despises symbiotes, all Venoms, Carnage, Agent Venom and rest of gang, his appearance here in game fills me with with desperation and wishful thinking about Ragnarok. BUT, and I hate myself for saying this, this Venom thing can open few more interesting SpiderMan characters, mostly villains since WebHead have most memorable Rogues Gallery in comics on this side of Marvel. So Kraven, Mysterio, Electro, Rhino, Shocker, Scorpion, Lizard, I'm expecting from you to show up in Season 2.

Season 2 will eventually knock on our doors and while i have my favorites, we can't be sure what future holds, but some characters that were bad guys in Season 1 can turncoat. First and IMHO most sure is Sandman. Then Elektra follows. And at the end there are Fixer and Moonstone. Small possibilty exists for Zemo, since he was kinda sorta a little bit good guy. For 60 seconds. BUT THAT STILL COUNTS!!!

And at the end, something i like to call "Theory of Opening". Two biggest LBs heroes that PD can possible give us will be Victor Von Doom and Loki, God of Mischief. Why? Both of them had heroic stints in comics, and yes, this is special continuity, both of them showed non-villain behaviour in the past. AKA they werent Red Skull.

Doctor Voodoo and Moon Knight are only left not released. I hope they come to us soon.

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