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    Sharon Carter

    July 25, 2014 by Mortune

    Sharon Carter

    Description: Inspired by stories about her Aunt Peggy's adventures in the French Resistance alongside Captain America, Sharon Carter joined the newly-formed espionage agency SHIELD. Understanding the dangers of Iso-8 and the Incursions, Agent Carter lends her skills to aid you.

    Cost: 90 CP

    Class: Either dual class Tactician & Scrapper or Generalist

    Highly Trained: 50% chance to apply Flanked or Fumbled when attacking or when attacked; guaranteed to apply on enemies with Marked Target
    Seized Opening Carter has a 65% chance to preemptively attack a marked enemy's defensive actions

    Base Stats
    HP: ----------- 3/5
    ST: ----------- 3/5
    Attack: ------- 3/5
    Defense: ----- 2/5
    Accuracy: ---- 3/5
    Agility: ------- 3/5

    Default/Free Attack

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