• MooglePea

    Last hours of PVP

    October 28, 2013 by MooglePea

    Okay, here we are, it's the last half day of PVP season 11.

    Guess i won't be getting Spiral though.. But that's not the main point.

    As you people know, most of the setup in PVP nowadays are:

    • Agent, using:
    1. Protector of Attilan
    2. Guardian/Watcher of Attilan /Both
    3. Other gears
    • Rescue
    • Ares/War Machine/Wolverine

    Usually, i won't have any problem, but today, i met one undefeatable agent setup.

    • Bruiser agent with:
    1. Protector of Attilan
    2. Emerald Prism
    3. Soulfire Blade
    4. Mutagen Emitter

    Yeah, kinda common, but heck, with some luck he's almost impossible to kill. With both emerald prism and protector of attilan buff active, the increased defense buff will always stay. on x8, of course, which reduce most of my damage to about 2 digits. (I'm on level 146). As it wasn't bad e…

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