The most common and flexible way to show your hero roster on your profile is to use the Template:Hero_Bonus.

Here is my hero roster as of today.

Hero PvP Bonus
Tacticianicon Lv12Black Bolt Icon 1 Lv12Black Knight Icon 1 Lv11Black Panther Icon 1 Lv12Black Widow Icon 2 Lv11Captain America Icon 1 Lv12Constrictor Icon 1 Lv11Daredevil Icon 2 Lv12Emma Frost Icon 2 Lv12Fantomex Icon 1 Lv12Hank Pym Icon 1 Lv11Loki Icon 1
Lv12Magneto Icon 1 Lv11Mr. Fantastic Icon 1 Lv11Red Hulk Icon 1 Lv12Rescue Icon 1
Blastericon Lv12Cable Icon 1 Lv12Cyclops Icon 3 Lv12Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1 Lv10Doctor Voodoo Icon 1 Domino Icon 1 Lv12Dr. Strange Icon 2 Lv12Havok Icon 1 Lv11Hawkeye Icon 2 Lv12Human Torch Icon 1 Lv12Invisible Woman Icon 2 Lv12Iron Man Icon 4
Lv12Ms. Marvel Icon 1 Lv12Phoenix Icon 2 Lv12Scarlet Witch Icon 1 Lv12Storm Icon 1 Lv12Thane Icon 1 Lv12Vision Icon 1 Lv12War Machine Icon 2
Bruisericon Lv13Ares Icon 1 Lv11Bishop Icon 1 Lv12Captain Britain Icon 1 Lv11Colossus Icon 1 Lv12Heimdall Icon 1 Lv12Hercules Icon 1 Lv12Hulk Icon 1 Lv12Iron Fist Icon 2 Lv13Juggernaut Icon 1 Lv11She-Hulk Icon 1 Lv11Thing Icon 1
Lv13Thor Icon 4 Lv11Thundra Icon 1 Lv12Valkyrie Icon 1 Lv11Wonder Man Icon 1 Lv12X-23 Icon 1
Scrappericon Lv11Deadpool Icon 1 Lv12Ghost Rider Icon 1 Lv11Luke Cage Icon 1 Lv11Magik Icon 1 Lv12Omega Sentinel Icon 1 Sabretooth Icon 1 Lv11Shatterstar Icon 1 Lv11Sif Icon 1 Lv11Spider-Woman Icon 1 Lv11Squirrel Girl Icon 1 Lv11Union Jack Icon 1
Lv12Wolverine Icon 1
Infiltratoricon Lv11Black Cat Icon 1 Lv11Elektra Icon 1 Lv11Gambit Icon 1 Lv11Kitty Pryde Icon 1 Lv12Nightcrawler Icon 2 Lv11Psylocke Icon 1 Lv11Satana Icon 1 Lv11Spider-Man Icon 1 Lv11Spiral Icon 1 Lv11Tigra Icon 1 Lv11Wasp Icon 1
Generalisticon Lv13Angel Icon 1 Lv13Beast Icon 1 Lv13Mockingbird Icon 1 Lv12Moon Knight Icon 1 Lv13Punisher Icon 1 Lv13Quicksilver Icon 2 Lv13Rogue Icon 1

However, as versatile as this template is, it is difficult to maintain in alphabetical order as new heroes arrive and costumes change the hero class.

Why would you want it in alphabetical order? First for OCD reasons (DUH!)! But mostly for easy comparison to your PvP Bonus.

In this post I will show you how to order it in excel without needing to rewrite/reorganise everything. Unfortunately, you have to write it all once! (There is a trick to skip this, I will tell you at the end! ;-))

Here are the steps you need to follow:
NOTE: in the following lines there is an underscore between the curly brackets ( {_{ and }_} ). This is for wikia to bypass it and not think it is a template. You should delete this in your excel file and have the brackets together.

  • Create a new excel file
  • Copy your existing roster in column A. It should look something like this:

|gene1 = { {HB|i=on|Angel|1} }
|gene1LVL = 13
|brui1 = { {HB|i=on|Ares|1} }
|brui1LVL = 13

  • In column B write this formula : =MID(A1;FIND("|";A1;18)+1;FIND("|";A1;22)-FIND("|";A1;18)-1) It will bring in the cell the hero name.
  • In column C write this formula: =MID(A1;2;4) It will bring the hero class.
  • In column D write this formula: =VALUE(RIGHT(A2;LEN(A2)-FIND("=";A2))) This will bring the hero level.
  • In column E write this formula: =MID(A1;LEN(A1)-2;1) This will bring the alternative costume you have equipped.
  • In column F write this formula: =COUNTIF(C$1:C1;C1) This counts the how many times each class has appeared.
  • In column G write this formula: ="|" & C1&F1& " = {_{HB|i=on|" &B1&"|"&E1&"}_}" This is the first line of this hero!
  • In column H write this formula: ="|"&C1&F1&"LVL = "&D1 This is the second line of this hero.
  • Extend the formulas to all the data. Some rows will have gibberish, ignore it for now.
  • Select column D, copy and use "paste special" to paste it in the same place, using the option "only values"!
  • Select all the data and sort it alphabetically by column B, the hero name.
  • Now, all the heroes should be in order and the gibberish will be at the bottom. Columns G and H have your hero roster.
  • Copy the the useful data in your template to have the heroes in alphabetical order!

I hope you find this useful!

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