Spec Ops 16 brings a lot of interesting challenges, and it seems like the UISO spending is extremely high.

12 Feb: Let's do some PKB math here: We still have 32 days left: that means (50+30 from allies)*32 = 2560 USIO. With daily spins, perhaps you could get say a conservative 60 UISO. Total: 2620 UISO.

Now let's look at Mission run-throughs. Here is MGeffro's Incursion farming guide which is a good proxy for how many points we need to reach the boss. Even if you have 3 stars mastery in the mission, it makes sense to 3-bird the boss because Minibosses use 20 UISO but only give 3 score. Even 2 medium battles comes out ahead, 20 UISO for 4 score.


Event Score
Low threat 1
Medium threat 2
High threat 3
Deploy 1
Mini boss fight 3 - NO!
Heroic battle 0
Incursion 0
  • Mission 1 EPIC: 7 battles, 5 deploys, 3 bird Boss, Epic boss = 160 UISO per run. Assume you need to run it twice to reach 3 star. 320. Not Epic: 3 bird Boss probably 90 UISO per run? May be optimal if you choose to only do the hero/class "higher probability deploys" for shards. Say you still need 10 shards and you get one per run. That's 900. Kudos to Scarlettolivia User_blog:Scarlettolivia/So_you_need_more_Deathfrost_Shards....
  • Mission 2: 3-bird boss: probably 90 UISO per run? 

Assume you need to run it twice to reach 3 star: 180.

  • Mission 3: From many comments on the task page, it seems obvious that if we have completed the 20 shards task, we only need to run the mission 4 times, each path once, with score 95000 or above each to progress toward the alt uniforms. 

Assuming 90 UISO, that makes 360.   

  • Mission 4: Need to run it once. Assuming 90 UISO.
  • Now assume you lose to bosses 5 times. 100.
  • Research Task 6,11,16. 360.

That makes a total of 320+900+180+360+90+100+360 = 2310. SO BE PATIENT! Take your time and the alts will come. It's going to be tight, (2310 vs. 2620)


17 Feb 5 days later UPDATE: I've been farming Mission 1/2 for shards. I have 19 shards. I've won 20 UISO in the lottery three times since. Been collecting 50 and visiting allies conscientiously, had 2 CVE errors.

Need to run Mission 2 once more to get the last shard (90), Run Mission 3 4 times, 360. Mission 4 once, 90. rerun Mission 1 to Epic once (160), Had 2 CVEs so far.

Total: 90+360+90+60= 600 and 27 days. Plenty of time.

Check out my other blog post trying to predict the next meta.

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