As you all know, Pvp is annoying as-, well, you get what I mean.

Alot of games that I see with PvP do cummulative score, where if the win, they win with points, if they lose, they get some points, and if someone else beats them, well the other person doesnt leak points from you.


Let's make it so that you can't lose points.

Let's say, if you win a fight, you get 20 points. Those 20 points stay there forever.

If you lose a fight, you don't lose points.

If someone else beats you, you don't lose points

Now, people will say, then how will there be rewards?

The rewards will be tiered

i.e. Have 100 points get like 5 Lockboxes.


You'll still have the 5 leagues at the end of the tourney!

This is just so that it makes it less competitive and more play to win and not pay to win

New Roulette Spin Idea

After reaching a certain checkpoint, you get a normal spin, after ther normal spin, you get to chose to spend

10 gold and do a SUPER SPIN.

Rewards: 50 Cp, 20 Cp, 10Cp, 20 Gold, 5 Gold, Limited Weapon, 20 Lockboxes, 10 Lock Boxes, 5 Lockboxes,

Reward Ideas

20 pts-Join Silver League

100 pts-5 Lockboxes + Spin

200 pts-5 Lockboxes +Spin

300 pts-Spin

400 pts- 10 lockboxes+Spin

1000 pts-30 lockboxes+SuperSpin. 

1500 pts-25 Lockboxes+Spin

2500 pts-50 lockboxes+Super Spin


TY for reading this far and hope you like it!

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