Ive been looking at refactors and thought, why not DD?


HP 3/5

STM 4/5

ATK 2/5

DEF 3/5

ACC 4/5

EVA 4/5


Already blind: Blind instead applies Radar Sense, attacks gain True Strike

"Seeing" it all: Counters all melee and stealthy attacks

Move Set:

L1: Billy Club: 2 Hit Melee: Applies Combo Setup and In my "sights" (1 Round), applies Focused to Daredevil

All attacks provoke a beforehand counter by Daredevil, only one enemy can have In my "sights" at a time

Radiation cannot stack on Daredevil

L2 Radar Sense:Buff Self: Quick Action: Cool 4 Rounds: Applies Radar Sense (2 Rounds) to self and Alerted! (2 Rounds) to team

Alerted!: Counters all attacks, chance to gain extra turn after attacking, only 1 turn can be gained per round

L6 Snap Kick: 1 Hit Melee Unarmed: Exploit Combo Setup, Deadly Crits, Applies Weakened

L9 Club Storm: 4 Hits Melee Cool: 2 Rounds: Applies Exposed, Applies Radiated Eyes(2 Rounds)  to Daredevil

Radiated Eyes: The higher Daredevil's accuracy is, the higher chance he will counter and/or protect allies

EISO (if done) Alert EISO: Applies Hindishgt to DD

Hindsight: Attacks never miss, the higher DD's accuracy is, the more evasion he has

Well that's my take on DD, ideas in the comments? :D

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