• Megax65

    PvP Revamp Idea

    November 4, 2013 by Megax65

    As you all know, Pvp is annoying as-, well, you get what I mean.

    Alot of games that I see with PvP do cummulative score, where if the win, they win with points, if they lose, they get some points, and if someone else beats them, well the other person doesnt leak points from you.


    Let's make it so that you can't lose points.

    Let's say, if you win a fight, you get 20 points. Those 20 points stay there forever.

    If you lose a fight, you don't lose points.

    If someone else beats you, you don't lose points

    Now, people will say, then how will there be rewards?

    The rewards will be tiered

    i.e. Have 100 points get like 5 Lockboxes.


    You'll still have the 5 leagues at the end of the tourney!

    This is just so that it makes it less competitive and more play to…

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  • Megax65

    Daredevil Refactor Idea

    October 29, 2013 by Megax65

    Ive been looking at refactors and thought, why not DD?


    HP 3/5

    STM 4/5

    ATK 2/5

    DEF 3/5

    ACC 4/5

    EVA 4/5


    Already blind: Blind instead applies Radar Sense, attacks gain True Strike

    "Seeing" it all: Counters all melee and stealthy attacks

    Move Set:

    L1: Billy Club: 2 Hit Melee: Applies Combo Setup and In my "sights" (1 Round), applies Focused to Daredevil

    All attacks provoke a beforehand counter by Daredevil, only one enemy can have In my "sights" at a time

    Radiation cannot stack on Daredevil

    L2 Radar Sense:Buff Self: Quick Action: Cool 4 Rounds: Applies Radar Sense (2 Rounds) to self and Alerted! (2 Rounds) to team

    Alerted!: Counters all attacks, chance to gain extra turn after attacking, only 1 turn can be gained per round

    L6 Snap Kick: 1 Hit M…

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  • Megax65


    September 22, 2013 by Megax65

    So I was watching Shatterstar wreck my Inf build, and I thought of his pain debuff, and I got some ideas

    Burn Wounds

    • Reduces defense by 10%
    • Is applies per round burning applies, cannot be removed

    Dull Edge

    • Cannot use slashing attacks
    • Cannot apply Bleeding

    Weak Muscles

    • Cannot use unarmed attacks

    Seperated Team

    • Cannot apply buffs to allies
    • Buffs cannot be applied by allies

    I also have another idea, for Dodges to be seperated into 2 groups so you can see where you need to improve

    • Dodge, based on opponents' evasion/buffs
    • Miss, based on your accuracy/debuffs
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