Justin Woods SDCC 2012 Screenshot

Justin Woods, Producer of Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Notable Tweets

Jan 15, 2013

Hints on Spec Ops 6

jan 17

Tells about reforging

Jan 26

Hints on one of the villains of SO6

Hints on second hero, not Vulcan

jan 27

Hinting on 18 Special Operations

jan 28

Announces every player now has Reforging

Feb 5

Says that Lockboxes are only planned for Villains

Feb 7

Reveals Wasp as an upcoming hero

Hints on Wolverine's update

Feb 8

Tells about the PVP Armory Bonus changes

Feb 15

Tells that Wasp and Wolverine updates ar enow in the game

Feb 21

Tells about the Combat Message Speed option

Feb 22

releases Captain Britain

Feb 27

Blonde theory

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