Look at this. This is the Dynasty Warriors Wikia. Wikia uses an advertisement system where they advertise other wikis in Wikis right below the whole article with the use of a random Image that they find in the collection of uploaded Images inside the advertised Wiki. I just saw this and I am reminded of how it was back at Monster Hunter Wikia when they used an Image of a character from the Naruto series to represent Monster Hunter Wikia.

To be clear, the Image above is from Metal Gear Solid 4, yet it is used to advertise Dynasty Warriors Wikia. Someone inside their wiki must have been a Metal Gear Solid fan and has uploaded a picture of it to their Wiki.

This is why the removal of Images unrelated to Marvel: Avengers Alliance is important to this Wiki. That way we can prevent things like these from happening in other wikis.

If you would like to use an unrelated Image inside the Wiki, there are Image hosting websites like

Docbobm has put up a wonderful guide towards this too, check it out

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