1. What's not in your game may exist on another player's game. Marvel: Avengers Alliance is one of the many games with many bugs. Some features exist to some, while to some they don't. What doesn't exist in your game does not mean that they don't exist in everyone else's game. If you see something in the Wiki that isn't in your game, it is best to ask a question and invoke a discussion among other Users, instead of directly removing input data in the Wiki. You may appear more as a vandal instead of your intent to be of help to the Wiki and may be reprimanded for your actions.

2. The Wiki's Terminology are based on a canon order of sources. Marvel: Avengers Alliance and Playdom are known for their inconsistency on terminologies. Therefore, the Wiki is set to follow an order of references to determine which of the terminologies will be used inside the Wiki. The order goes by the following in order of the Wiki's reference for terminology:

  1. . Content found inside the game
  2. . Patch Notes and Histories from the Official Playdom Forums
  3. . Marvel: Avengers Alliance's Official Facebook Page
  4. . Official Disney, Marvel, and Playdom Websites
  5. . Valid External Sources

Therefore, if the term cannot be found inside the game, the next in order, the Patch Notes will be the next canon preference, and so on and so forth.

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