So theres Bio, Buff, Debuff, Electric, Energy, Explosive, Fire, Ground, Gun, Heal Ice, Kinetic, Magic, Melee, Psychic, Ranged, Shadow, Slashing, Sonic, Summon, Tech, Temporal, Unarmed, Vibranium, Water

With so many unused types around, it's one of the markers of Playdom's utter laziness to classify which is which, and establish some consistency on their game. Also, from the many many Types present, only a few have some sort of diversity (like Psychic Types bypassing Protects, or some Effects to trigger immunity of some Types) while most of the types are only distinguishable by name.

For example, we have only one Villain that has the Water Type attacks, which is Hydro-Man. For sure Marvel has a whole roster of Water element users (insert unnecessary Namor requests on comments), plus they can cook up some Elemental Gear for the Agent to use.

Why are there no Shadow Type Abilities for the Demon characters, and seemingly only Ghost Rider has a Shadow Type ability?

We have the Sonic Blaster, yet it isn't a Sonic Type, despite the fact that we have Sonic Arrows from Heroic Age Hawkeye and Sonic Fist. Instead it is a Tech, Ranged and Energy, one of the more overused Types in the game. I understand Ranged being overused though, as with Melee, they're the two core Types in the game.

And then there's the newly introduced Summon Type, which as of now, only Squirrel Girl has. I previously made a list of who to expect falling in this type, and they are:

And then there's the weird Temporal Type that does not display on the Gear's tooltip in the game yet is said to exist on the descriptions of 40th Century Man Set Gear.

Have any more ideas? What's your say about these seemingly unused Types? Comment below :)

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