• Actions that Ignore Defense work better against high level foes.
  • Avengers Alliance is much more fun with friends!
  • Blasters always Critical Hit Bruisers.
  • Better premium items become available at higher Agent Levels.
  • Bruisers get stronger when they hit, or are hit by, Scrappers.
  • Completing Research unlocks new items in the Store.
  • Cyclops actually has two eyes. <--My personal favorite LOL
  • Each Uniform is unique, having its own set of Isotope-8 sockets.
  • Earn 30 Stars in a Chapter to win elite Agent Gear.
  • Earn Silver by sending Heroes on Flight Deck Remote Ops.
  • Heroes can be used in PVP even when busy.
  • Heroes have unique abilities that compliment each other.
  • Heroes with high Attack deal more damage.
  • Heroes with high Defense take less damage when hit.
  • Heroes with high Health can take more hits.
  • Heroes with high Stamina need to recharge less often.
  • High-level Heroes earn more XP and Silver on the Flight Deck.
  • Improve Heroes' stats by placing Isotope-8 in their uniforms.
  • Increasing a Hero's Accuracy raises the chance to hit and crit.
  • Increasing a Hero's Evasion raises the chance to dodge.
  • Infiltrators can counter when they hit, or are hit by, Tacticians.
  • Look for hidden Epic Boss Fights by finishing all map events.
  • Only the Agent can use items from S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Rare items can be found after winning hidden Epic Boss Fights.
  • Scrappers strike twice when they attack Infiltrators.
  • Send S.H.I.E.L.D. Points to friends. They'll return the favor.
  • Socket items for offensive and defensive bonuses in PVP.
  • Tacticians gain extra turns when they attack Blasters.
  • The Energy Bar refills when the Agent Levels Up.
  • The more allies you have, the stronger your team in PvP.
  • Try different team combinations to plan the best strategy.
  • Using a distress Call doesn't consume a turn.

Uh, I think I got them all. Post comments if I missed anything.

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