I am strict with Images.

So here's a Naming Etiquette for Images.

Image What the Image name should be
Enemy and Boss Images
File:<Name of Enemy/Boss>.png

Hero and Hero Alternate Uniform Images
File:<Name of Hero>-<Name of Uniform>.png

Omega Sentinel Dialogue
Dialogue Artworks
File:<Name of Character> Dialogue.png

File:Omega Sentinel Dialogue.png
Rogue Marvel XP
Marvel XP Artworks
File:<Name of Character/Item> Marvel XP.png

File:Rogue Marvel XP.png
Black Cat Icon 1
Black Cat Icon 2
Hero Head Icons
File:<Name of Hero> Icon <# of Uniform>.png

File:Black Cat Icon 1.png
File:Black Cat Icon 2.png
Black Widow Icon Large 1
Black Widow Icon Large 2
Hero Bust Icons
File:<Name of Hero> Icon Large <# of Uniform>.png

File:Black Widow Icon Large 1.png
File:Black Widow Icon Large 2.png
Coulson&#039;s Revenge
Gear and Supply Images
File:<Name of Item>.png

File:Coulson's Revenge.png
Effect Icon 002 Blue
Effect Icon 002 Green
Effect Icon 002 Red
Effect Icon 095 Green
File:Effect Icon <Code> <Icon Color>.png

File:Effect Icon 002 Blue.png
File:Effect Icon 002 Green.png
File:Effect Icon 002 Red.png
File:Effect Icon 095 Green.png
Emma Frost 1 Task Icon
Task Icons
File:<Character / Item Name> Task Icon.png

File:Rogue 1 Task Icon.png
Hawkeye Portrait Art
Hawkeye FB Artwork 2
Hawkeye FB Artwork 3
Hero Artworks from Facebook
File:<Hero Name> FB Artwork <# of Uniform>.jpg

File:Hawkeye FB Artwork 1.jpg
File:Hawkeye FB Artwork 2.jpg
File:Hawkeye FB Artwork 3.jpg


  • For Hero Head and Torso Icons, the number of their uniforms are based on their order of first appearance in the game. Say we have Iron Man's Model 35, Mark 5 and Avengers. Their numbers will be 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
  • Will add more later on.

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