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This article or section contains content that has not yet been released. Some of the information may be inaccurate or is likely to change.

Some content in here need to be pages seriously but Idk why people don't want to.

The following are currently unreleased content that have been confirmed by employees or individuals that work for Playdom. Some content may or may not make it in the game.



Big Bertha

Kelly Hamilton BTS Screenshot

An Artist for Playdom is spotted drawing what appears to be Big Bertha in Marvel: Avengers Alliance's Behind The Scenes video.

Tweets by another Playdom confirms that it was Big Bertha who was being drawn in the video and added that they "draw stuff that doesn't make it into the game, at least not right away." The current release status of this Hero is unknown.

Alternate Uniforms


Unknown Icon 1 Magik-New Mutants Art
Deadpool Alt
Announced at
Developer Q&A IV
Magik Alt
Announced at
NYCC 2012
Rogue-Alt Art
Rogue Alt
Announced at
NYCC 2012

Notes: The Horseman Alternate Uniforms have been confirmed to be Limited Edition Uniforms that will be available during Special Operations 16.

Psylocke Alt


A leaked and unannounced Image of Psylocke's Alternate Uniform was confirmed by a Playdom Artist to be a work of another Playdom Artist for the game.


  • Upcoming reworks have been announced for Luke Cage.


Story: Season 2

There are 12 planned Chapters and 3 of these Chapters are already playable in the game, while one is confirmed to be upcoming.

Special Operations

There are 18 planned Special Operations and 15 of these Special Operations had already happened in the game, while one is confirmed to be upcoming.

Special Operations 16

The Hero reward is Iceman. The Horsemen of Apocalypse and Apocalypse himself will be the Enemies for this Spec Ops.

PVP Tournaments

There are unknown amount of planned Tournament Seasons and 13 of these Tournament Seasons had already happened in the game, while one is confirmed to be upcoming.

PVP Tournament: Season 14

Season 14 is confirmed.


  • Level 14 for Heroes.
  • The Ability to train two Heroes at a time.
  • Feature to consume old or useless items.

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