Hello, here is my first Hero Review, and I chosed to make the first one about one of the most deceptive hero so far : Crystal.

The sprites 

Most of the contributors and readers agree on this point, the sprite is (I search some word to describe this without being too mean) not good (yeah that's the least I can say about it).

Few animations, her sprite is pixelised like none other. So after seeing this, I thought that it would be ok if her skills were great enought.

And that wasn't the case.

The Skills 

Passive : Elemental Affinity

Low Proc Rate, low damage, needs to be activated by the application of statusses on ennemy, and can be desactivated if Crystal has Poison on her. So many restrictions for a passive that can activate low damage skills... If I compare with other Chars, such has Karnak, or Nul, Breaker of Worlds, her passive is not worth it (Worth it... Nul, Breaker of Worlds... Ok... I stop my jokes here)

Passive : Royal Familly

The Proc Rate is low, but this passive is fantastic as it can cast Crystal's Best skill.

L1 : Pyrokinesis 

Applies Burning, and apply Scorched to enemy with burning.

As she's a blaster, we would expect a huge damage from her.

There is no such thing, sadly...

L2 : Hydrokinesis

Applies Chilled and Exhausted.

Those statuses aren't bad at all, specially the Exhausted. It's always nice to have a way to suppress your counter-class benefit.

But here again, low damage like never before.

L6 : A Multi-Function Skill

a) Aerokinesis.

Her BEST move. It's prolly the only one worth it. Sadly, she hasn't a huge proc rate about her passive on this skill, but it's the only thing I think she's good for.

Gale Force is an awsome shield, I simply love it.

b) Firestorm

Catastrophic, summon attack, applies scorched to people with burning, applies burning, and does almost no damage at all.

What more can I say about this skill ? 

c) Dust Devil

Catastrophic, summon attack, Disoriented, Blinded, drain stamina.

OK, so when crystal has a skill with potential, it's potentially killing itself on its own.

Disoriented AND Blinded, on the same skill.

So the opponent can attack themselves and miss. OK I'm too hard on this one, but still, this skill is also making so few damage that it is draining more stamina than life.

d) Arctic Tempest

Catastrophic, summon attack, applies frigid to target with Chilled, applies Chilled.

OK, Frigid is awsome.

But this skill, like the others, does soooo few damages.

L9 : Geokinesis.

Ground Attack.

Ok... so a ground attack applies grounded... To people it can reach.

Maybe the Grounded part could have been more usefull on the Dust Devil, and a Disoriented on this one ? 

I Mean, this Character needs a lot of interactions between its own skills, but it doesn't really work for real. I mean, Grounded is normally a status that can be applied and helps to land a ground attack (CF : Groot for exemple, he can preparre his L9 with his L6, I'm not gonna say that "I am Groot!" preparres "I AM GROOT!"...), here there is no such thing... so I can't see the utility of this grounded on her L9. Let's say someone in the squad can apply Grounded before, she can make sure he keeps the status while being hit. But only her L9 is a ground Attack. So does this means her L9 is here to ensure another hit of L9 ? 

Grounded is a status that, normally, is applied to flying targets, so that they can be hit by ground attacks. Here... I don't understand.

So Crystal Mechanics are based on a "preparration/retribution" process that can be a bit long to put in action.

Let's take the exemple of the storms.

You'll need a first application of L1, L2 or L9 to be able to use an attacking storm.

Then this storm can apply a special status on certain targets (for the fire and water one) but not on all if you haven't applied the good debuff to all targets.

Crystal is over dependant on her parteners. 

About her L9 issue with Grounded, no ally exists for now, that can apply Grounded and has elemental attacks that could be usefull with her.

Also, her possibility of combos with the Scorched and Frigid Statusses isn't very high, has she can't really play on this by herself, she can't remove massively the statusses and will need 2 turns to apply a burning to a team to which she applied Frigid before.

It's way too long to be competitive. So For now Crystal has just no utility in PvP at all... Except the Blaster Bonus and also the possibility of invocation by Black Bolt.

Final Statement : 

In her actual form, this char isn't good at all. She needs a rework, at least on her L9 (the switch of grounded for disoriented with Dust Devil would really fit better and would stay more logical with her mechanic).

An Augmented-Iso my come for her L6, a bit like Dr Voodoo's one, and make her L6 undependant of the use of an elemental skill. That would make it way more usefull, and gives a shared cooldown to the multi-functions, except Gale force... or not ^^.

Also, a bit more of damage wouldn't hurt (except the opponents of course !).

PvP Status : Usefull for her boost.. Not for playing (even the Weather Control isn't enought to make her good).

PvE Status : Even in PvE... her damage seems really low.

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