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    Character Review : Crystal

    January 5, 2015 by Mc MeCo

    Hello, here is my first Hero Review, and I chosed to make the first one about one of the most deceptive hero so far : Crystal.

    Most of the contributors and readers agree on this point, the sprite is (I search some word to describe this without being too mean) not good (yeah that's the least I can say about it).

    Few animations, her sprite is pixelised like none other. So after seeing this, I thought that it would be ok if her skills were great enought.

    And that wasn't the case.

    Low Proc Rate, low damage, needs to be activated by the application of statusses on ennemy, and can be desactivated if Crystal has Poison on her. So many restrictions for a passive that can activate low damage skills... If I compare with other Chars, such has Karnak, or …

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  • Mc MeCo

    Hero Management Sheet

    June 17, 2014 by Mc MeCo


    I would like to share with you all the spreadsheet I made and I'm now using.

    It shows all currently existing heroes and the date of release of all of them, the event of the release, the cost in CP.

    And you can indicate if ou have this hero or not. 

    This will show you how many CP you still need to get all heroes.

    You can add the level and class of the hero you possess.

    It will show you the time needed to level up your heroes to next level aswell as for level 14.

    With all this infos, the spreadsheet will show you on separate tabs the PvP bonus you'll get from heroes (currently I only have the infos for level 300 Agent, so the bonus shown only works for this level of agent)., and the cost in CP you'll still need to fullfill various goals in …

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