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    So after some digging, here is what I've found.  Reactive ISOs do not scale directly to your level; they scale to your stats.  This is why a calculation based directly on level trails upwards, because as you level you slowly get more stats added per level.  At lower levels, you only get 2-4 points added per level.  In the 200 range (where I am) you get more like 5-7.

    The big question is: how then do you calculate ISO scaling?  The best answer I have found so far is using the stats on Generalist armor.  I then take the stat value on a Silver, Single Stat ISO and divide it by the trench stat and I start to see the pattern.  Here are a few of the data points I have for comparison, these use the gold buy Commander's Trench:

    LVL = SSS ISO / Gen S…

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