• Mayank Rananavare

    Hulk Buffs

    July 8, 2013 by Mayank Rananavare

    Hulk is my favorite Bruiser and to see him still having no healing factor or immunities is sad. I had thought that with the Red Hulk PVP Tournament, Hulk might have been buffed up, but oh well............

    Here are my suggestions about what buffs should the Hulk have:

    Healing Factor: similar to Wolverine's (Reduces duration of bleeding)

    Immunities: to poison, chilled, burning, radiation exposue, deathfrost

    Raging Green Titan: After 5 Hulk ups, all stats should dramatically increase and Hulk should counter enemy attacks, the chance of which would increase with more hulk ups. So that means at 1 hulk up, there is hardly any chance and at 5 hulk ups, its almost certain that Hulk would counter-attack.

    What do you think??

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