In this blog post I will put my progresses in playing this S.O.

I will write down what I earn in the roulettes, my teams (with the new Strike Team's sugar! :D ) and so on.

Deathfrost Shard Collection

Total: 20/20. Deploys: 63


Deathfrost Shard


Deathfrost Shard


Deathfrost ShardDeathfrost Shard


Deathfrost ShardDeathfrost Shard

D5 D6


Deathfrost ShardDeathfrost Shard



Deathfrost Shard


Deathfrost ShardDeathfrost ShardDeathfrost Shard



Deathfrost Shard


Deathfrost Shard


Deathfrost ShardDeathfrost ShardDeathfrost Shard


Deathfrost ShardDeathfrost ShardDeathfrost Shard

Epic Boss Roulettes

3x 3 CP 5x 10 CP Chrono Boost 3x 3 CP 40x 5-10 Unstable Iso-8 Red
Quantum Elixir 5x 10 CP 3x 3 CP 10x 10 CP Chrono Boost
Regenerating Serum Iso-8 Crystal Purple Shawarma icon large 3x 3 CP 3x 3 CP
10x 10 CP 3x 3 CP 40x 5-10 Unstable Iso-8 Red 5x 10 CP 5x 10 CP

Daily Roulettes

20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red 10xGold Sale 1 Sinister Crystal Sinister Crystal Energy icon large2
Energy icon large2 100x5-10 Unstable Iso-8 Red 20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red 20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red Energy icon large2
Gaunt Caress 20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red Gaunt Caress 20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red Energy icon large2
20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red Sinister Crystal Sinister Crystal Energy icon large2 10xGold Sale 1
Energy icon large2 Energy icon large2 20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red 20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red Energy icon large2
Energy icon large2 Sinister Crystal 20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red Sinister Crystal Energy icon large2
Energy icon large2 20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red 20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red error T_T Sinister Crystal
Energy icon large2 20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red 20x3 Unstable Iso-8 Red

1000x5-10 Unstable Iso-8 Red

That's a F*****g joke...

Mastery over Death score breakdown

In the discussion board, I saw a lot of people asking how to get an high score against the horsemen and Apocalypse. I want to write down a quick analysis on the score, to show you that it's actually quite easy to get the required score, by working with what we know and what we can control.

What we know

  • Finish the fight with all the heroes: x3 multiplier
  • Three bird: x15 multiplier
  • Win the fight: 500 points
  • Each enemy killed: 150 points

What we can control

  • Final health of the team: 500 points max
  • Do not recharge: 150 points
  • Quartermaster: 250 points max
  • Team-up: it varies BUT I don't want to count it. This discussion is about general score and i wanto to show you that you can get the high score even with no team ups.


Each of the horseman comes with 3 sentinel to beat in the first wave, for a total body count of 6 enemies and 900 points.The math says:

[[500 (Victory) + 900 (body count) +150 (Endurance) + 250 (Quartermaster) + 312 (Vitality)] x 3 ] x 15= 95040

And you can get the score by using 10 items and finish the figth with a medium high health. Not so difficult, I think, if you use the ten items to remove debuffs and heal the party before the fatal blow.

What happens if you finish with full health?

[[500 (Victory) + 900 (body count) +150 (Endurance) + 250 (Quartermaster) + 500 (Vitality)] x 3 ] x 15= 103500! Oh, enough to get the apocalypse score with no teamup!


This guy comes with the four horsemen. In this battle, you have to survive the first wave but, after that, it is an easy battle, in my opinion. If you three bird it to spend only 20 U-Iso in the mission, you must defeat 7 enemies for a body count of 1050 points. The math says:

[[500 (Victory) + 1050 (body count) +150 (Endurance) + 250 (Quartermaster) + 273 (Vitality)] x 3 ] x 15 = 100035.

You can get the score with a little more than half of the health and get the score. With the full health, you will get:

[[500 (Victory) + 1050 (body count) +150 (Endurance) + 250 (Quartermaster) + 500 (Vitality)] x 3 ] x 15 = 110250.


By bringing in the battle heroes with a good team-up bonus and by overkilling some enemy, you can get an higher score. The one I analyzed is the minimum you can get with a full quartermaster bonus.

Day 18 - Iceman Alts

Today i fought against the last Horseman: Famine.

I bring in Magneto, Cyclops and Phoenix. A quite easy fight even if the turn order was very bad to me: my heroes were the last three in the order, so I must wait for Famine and the minibosses to punch me like a punching ball. But, after that, i kill'em all, with 129 kpoint score.

Now I have the two Icemen alts (I don't know why the heroes template does not highlight them) and I'm quite happy! ^^

Day 17

I fought and defeated Death, Pestilence and War. All of them with more then 100k points.

Tomorrow, I'll get the Death Alt. Almost for sure, if the game does not crash.

Against Death I used the Agent, Angel and Deadpool.

Against Pestilence I used Scarlet Witch, Wolverine and Quicksilver.

Against War I used Satana, Original Warmachine, Daimon Hellstrom.

Probably, i'm going to use Magneto, Cyclops and Phoenix agains Famine. High damage, protection and I think I can get a good score.

Day 15

And, finally, I completed the Deathfrost Shard's collection. ^^

Now, I just need 20 U-Iso to fight Selene and to 5 star the second mission. After having beat her, I will go for the four horsemen, to finish the Mastery over Death side task chain and to get the special items for the "Crypotquest" by Satana I plan to finish everything (5 star every mission and, hopefully, gather the five items for satana) in a week.

Day 8 - Iceman Recruited

I decide that today will be the Iceman day. So, i collected the 50 U-Iso from my allies, reaching 61 U-Iso and I started to face Apocalypse.

Task 26: My first two attempts were made by using the following team:

Both of the attempts fail due to Rogue which killed Havok in the first round. Basically she oneshot him, so I had no way to save him. I decided to change my strategy. The second team was made of

Those two heroes does not share any teamup bonus, so i work to get the full Quartermaster bonus (by using 10 object) I used a lot of Chrono Accelerators to change the turn order in my favor and to let my heroes to play two turns per round. I used a Chrono Boost to give Haste to the agent, a The Crippler on Horseman of Death, to kill him with the Atom Smasher and a couple of Lost Pages of the Vishanti to remove bleeding in the second wave and to heal up my team before killing Apocalypse.

My final score was:

  • Vitality: 500
  • Overkill: 123
  • Rounds: 0
  • Victory: 500
  • Body count: 1050 (150 * 7)
  • Quartermaster: 250
  • Endurance: 150

Total: 2573*3*15 = 115'785 enough to pass through the Mastery Over Death's Apocalypse Task. :)

Now, I recruited Iceman and I need the U-Iso to finish the Shard's collection and to five star everything! ^^

Day 7

Other 50 U-Iso from the allies. Summed up to the 17 left from yesterday, it makes 67 U-ISO.

Task 24: I performed the last Mission 1 deploy and fought Sugar Man. By using Blue Costume Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, I finish the fight in one round, thanks to the Extra turn granted by Magnetic Field Generator. I kept the same Strike Teams from the previous choice and I 3-star the first mission.

Now, I must wait to get other 150 U-ISo, needed to fight against Sugar Man again. The bad luck of the past two days is not haunting me today. I got 100x Iso from the roulette and my allies gave me something like 45 U-Iso.

Task 25: I was able to run the first mission one more time. Due to bad turn order and to Flykiller Toxin from Toad, Avalanche killed my poor Gambit, so I had to beat the Living Pharaoh with only the agent and Havok. Not so hard, anyway. I defeated Sugar Man easily thanks to Blue Costume Quicksilver and I got a "wonderful" Chrono Boost from the Epic Boss Roulette. Even with the Gambit's Death, I successfully gained the fourth star of the mission, and the related gold. This second run of the mission 1 provided me two Deathfrost Shards: 12 left to go!

Now, I have 2 U-Iso and I'm waiting for the remaining 18 to strike down Apocalypse and to get Iceman!

Day 6

After redeeming my 50 gift, once the game came fully back from the maintenance, I started playing mission one again, to three-star it.

I'm working with:

When the U-Iso ran out, I started visiting my allies. I Successfully reached and defeated the Living Pharaoh, performing 4 deploys. For the boss I used the same Agent setup, Gambit (since he is mandatory), and Havok, to finish the fight quickly.

Now I have 5 U-Iso left, and I'm full of energy. To reach the epic I need 40 U-Iso: 1 Deploy and 3 battles. And then I need 20 more U-Iso to battle him. I'm pretty sure I can get 5 U-Iso from 1.12.2 mission battles, so tomorrow I will be able to reach the Epic Boss and three star the mission, thanks to my allies gift. Then I need to run the mission again for the Task 25.

I plan to finish the S.O.'s main quest on Sunday or Monday, if my daily roulette rewards will continue to suck.

Day 5

Today I decided not to deploy heroes since it looks like that specific deploys have a greater chance to give Deathfrost Shard. What I really want is to finish the battles against the Horsemen, so I'll run the last two mission 3's path.

Task 21: Deafeat Horseman of Pestilence. This was the hardest fight. I start the combat with Wolverine, Sabretooth/Hero and Psylocke. The worst part were that: Horseman of Pestilence get the first round (and mind controlled all my team) and Selene cast Skia Thanatou on Wolverine. At the end of the days, Wolverine died but I won the battle with a score of 66 Kpoints. I need to find a strategy against Beast. I four-star the third mission and I get my free Gold.

Task 22: Defeat Horseman of Famine. I perform 3 fight in Rogue's map then I ran out of Iso. Need to wait untill noon for daily roulette and allies visiting.

Luck was not with me, today.

I get a full energy from the Daily roulette (i have more than 4000 small energies and, now, 6 full energy recharge. Nothing I really need...). My allies gave me about 30 U-Ise, just enough to reveal Rogue and fight her. I won the battle by using Emma Frost, Cyclops and White Crown Phoenix. Bad choice, since Emma Frost can do almost nothing in the first wave against the sentinels and a little in the second wave. Furthermore, I had 2 Tactician and a Blaster against an Infiltrator and a Scrapper. Very good indeed... -.-

Anyway, I won the battle with a score of 127 Kpoints. Quite good for me. At the roulette, I earn 20 U-Iso.

Task 23: Completed by finishing all the Horsemen battles. Strangely, a Mission from Mastery Over Death side quest appears. I have to kill apocalypse with a score of more than 100 Kpoints. It took 20 U-Iso. I Have 23 U-Iso. Lets try! But... After having killed Beast, I want to clean up my team from the debuffs he puts on me. Try to use SoA: the game freeze. S**t. 20 U-Iso burned for nothing. Definetly, not my best day.

Day 4

The big research will end today!

I'm quite excited because I will finally fight against the Horsemen of Apocalypse! :D

As a gift, playdom give us 10x 3 Unstable Iso-8 Red from the FB fan page ( to redeem those Iso) and 20x 3 Unstable Iso-8 Red from the mail! Right now, I have 200 3 Unstable Iso-8 Red to work with this evening (and I'm not counting the about 40 3 Unstable Iso-8 Red from my allies! ^_^)

The research is over! Let's play!

Task 16: Ended with the research,

Task 17: Mission 1.12.2, to get same exp for Domino. One strike against Moonstone/Boss, the second one killed Militant and the third one, not required, killed the fake Iron Man. Good news, I won 5 CP in this battle!

Task 18: 10 sentinels killed in the Horseman of Death's mission. With my great surprise, 5 Tasks appears simultaneously. That mean that I can fight the Horsemen in the order I want and I can do the 4 Horsemen Task at the same time. Very good!

Task 19: Kill Horseman of Death. I must use Angel and the Agent. I team them up with Heimdall: free turns thanks to Angel's Raputer, Rising Up provided by Angel L1. I never used Heimdall's Call to Asgard skill. Furthermore, Angel generalized the bad Iceman so its Blaster power does nothing to my Bifrost guardian! Mission finished with 110 Kpoint. I've done all the deploys to get some more Deathfrost Shard. I get 2 shards. Not bad.

Task 20: Kill Horseman of War. This strike team does not have good team up, so I go for the fast way. Original War Machine and Havok always in the team. For the three bird boss fighting, I take Heroic Age Iron Fist to heal my team and to prevent too much bleeding. Luckily, Wild Blue Yonder killed all the boss team! xD I finished the mission with 140 Kpoint. Very good. This allowed me to three star the third S.O. Mission. From the five deploys, I get no Deathfrost Shards: a bad thing.

Now I ran out of U-Iso. So I stop playing the S.O. for today. Tomorrow I should be able to finish at least the Horseman of Pestilence's mission.

Day 3

Today it should be a rest day for my S.O. progress. I need to wait untill tomorrow, the day in which the second research ends.

But, I checked the required tasks and... I need to three star both misssion 1 and mission 2 for one of the last task (24, If memory serves me). So, having some left isos, I ran the second mission, with the second strike team.

I have tried these teams, which both can give you 400 points:


Both worked very well, but i prefer the second team for this mission.

Against the Living Monolith, I used

To be honest, not the best team I can carry in... I want to 5-star all missions, but I prefer the Selene one. So I hope I won't play this mission anymore. Anyway, I choos to waste some isos, deploying all my heroes. I got two Deathfrost Shard, so I'm happy: 16 shards left! ;)

A doubt strike me, while I was playing. Now I have all the last missions unlocked and all the strike teams set up.

What if I play again the mission 1? I will have to play again mission 2 twice to build up the strike teams again? Or will the game remember the previous four strike teams?

Day 2

I begin today by collecting the 50 U-Iso from my friends. Then I fough some battle in order to reveal Avalanche in the map (the first mini-boss, equired for one of the tasks). I perform a deploy of Wolverine, because I fear to need at least one deploy to reach the Boss and two bird him (actually her: I choose the Selene track). Luckily, I got a Deathfrost Shard from the deploy, so I'm happy I've done it!

For these figth I'm still working with Grey Suit Black Widow (Tactician) and Heroic Age Hawkeye (Blaster). Finally, at 19.12, the research is ends.

Task 12: I start the 1.12.4 mission, to use the En Sabah Nur's Liberator five times and to get some Exp for Beast, Horseman of Pestilence.

Task 13: I fight Avalanche, using Heroic Age Hawkeye and Mockingbird. Easy and fast.

Task 14: Two-bird, Selene and Dragoness. I hate Dragoness. She dodged almost all the Iceman attacks so it took me a while to finish the first wave. To get an high score, I used Angel as a Team Up for Iceman. He run out of Stamina quite rapidly. Anywaye, after I smash Dragoness down, Selene has been an easy fight.

Task 15: 2 Star mastery in the second mission. Just exited the map to get it.

Task 16: Started the 48h research at about 19.50 (GMT+1). I have to wait untill Tuesday to go on with this spec ops. The first horseman I will fight is Horseman of Death!

Day 1

I woke up and i find the new S.O. running!!!

I would prefer to get the new Chapter 4 of Season 2 before this S.O. (I'm in love with Carol Danver's Capitan Marvel alt and I'd like to have the 20 gold of the new chapter...) but I can go with this event as well.

As first thing, I bough 3 of the new alts:

  • Rogue (Famine), with Blaster Power
  • Beast (Pestilence), Tactician alts
  • X-23 (War), Scrapper alt.

Before collecting any Iso, I enter in the first mission of the S.O.. Remember that you will lose any iso you collect befor entering the first Mission!

Now, that I set up my game, I stopped for a while to check what I should do in th wiki.

Finally, I started.

Task 1: Easy, a medium fight and an Hard fight. I was using Modern Armor Thor and Grey Hulk

Task 2: 10 minutes of a full flight deck. Ten minutes in which I switch to a Grey Suit Black Widow and Hawkeye to get a better score. I fight some other S.O. battle to reveal Avalanche and I send 50 gift to my girfriend, which introduced me to the game more then a year ago.

Task 3: Easy, I used Wasp and Hank Pym for a better score.

Task 4: Not so difficult as I tough when I saw Gambit as a team-up. At the beginning I was scared, because Gambit is one of the worst character in my opinion. I used Phoenix Five Emma Frost with him and the battle goes pretty well.

Task 5: Easy enough. I played 5 battle with Red Hulk and Havok... something like 20 minute of PvP. I lost two battles, but who cares? You can lose and the counter is increased anyway! ;)

Task 6: research started. At 6.42 (GMT +1) it should end and I can go on toward the other tasks! ^^

>Research Break<

Task 7: Very easy. It took me some time because I fight the 1.12.4 to train Sunfire. I used Grey Suit Black Widow in her tactician mood and a Tactician Agent to end it quickly. I used the Sinister Crystals in th first round of combat.

Task 8: Luckily, by knowing that I need to redeem two deploys, i left two heroes waiting in the S.O. mission. I get the first Deathfrost Shard from one of them.

Task 9: After the battle against Sugarman, not so hard with Blue Costume Quicksilver (Scrapper) and Synthetic Cube, I quitted the first mission. The Strike Team feature appears: i put in the first team all the Avengers and the other non-X-Men heroes and in the second team almost all the X-Men plus the F4. 472 KPoints were enough to get the second star and to be on the way to the third star.

Task 10: I left 25 gift to get from my allies. Super easy.

Task 11: Research Started at 19.12 (GMT +1) I'm waiting for tomorrow to go on with the Spec. Ops.

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