Working on the 1.12.2 is the fastest way to farm Command Point.

There are several method to do so. Many of them are based on Union Jack pre-emptive attacks, some other are based on counter attack (provided by a counter attacking Agent, WWII Captain America and Cyclops or a good infiltrator like Psylocke).

My way to do so is to build a power house (Cable) which can also get extra turns. Then one-shot every threat.

I can do all the 6 battles in Challenge mode in 40 minutes. Even less if I'm lucky with the turn order.


  1. Generalist Agent (level 300, Full Stalwart iso) with:
  2. WWII Captain America, Tactician with Discus E-ISO and full chaotic ISOs
  3. Cable with his Instant E-Iso, ISOed with 4 Stalwart and 4 Steady (all are level 267, underpowered). The second E-Iso is irrelevant.

I know, by reforging and re-isoing cable it is possible to be faster than now.


The strategy is pretty easy: try to get the highest stack of Power Contained on Cable. With two stacks of it you can almost one-shot everybody.

First Wave: Hot shots the team with the Agent then use Hard Nox to attack. Protect and attack Grey Gargoyle/Moonstone/Boss with Cap. Temporal Shift on Cable and attack the enemies with Techno-Organic Rampage. You should have gained 2 or 3 stacks of Power Contained when the first wave ends.

Second Wave: if you are lucky, you can use Temporal Shift on Cable and one shot Militant and Power Armor before they can do anything. Otherwise, try to kill Power Armor and Militant. Leave Bowman as the last enemy. Use the Fantastic Light to remove Bleeding or Poisoned if you have those statuses on your heroes. If the Militant does not protect, hot shots the enemy team. Restore the Cap L9 if it expires.

Third Wave: the easiest now. Use Improbability Field+Atom Smasher with the Agent. Temporal Shift + Techno-organic rampage with Cable. You can also Temporal Shift the Agent to end the fight quickly, if you have already cast the Improbability Field.

Against Viper, you can neutralize her counter-attack with Cable's Psionic Spikes, if it troubles you: so it won't be an hard fight. Anyway, try to get the more Power Contained you can. When you face the second wave, you can apply Flanked and Targeted on Viper, thanks to Cable's Askani Arts, and kill her with the Plasma Rifle (which now performs two strikes).

Hope to be helpful! ;)

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