Now, to be fair, Kang is definatly not the nicest version of Nathaniel Richards running around in the multiverse. But I've found a massive plot hole concerning the guy, and it only makes sense if he turns out to be a future lockbox hero. Here's what we know.

  • Kang's a conqueror of timelines, and not necesarrily interested in destroying humanity like Apocalypse or Thanos 
  • Incursions are an event where timelines collide and either 1 or both get destroyed
  • Kang idolizes Doom, and considers him a role model.
  • Doom is doing everything in his power, even joining S.H.I.E.L.D, in order to get rid of the Incursions
  • Reed (in the comics, yes they're canonical on Earth-616) has determined that the process is accelerating, so Kang should at least notice a large number of timelines disappearing.

It would make no sense that Kang would not be doing something in order to stop the Incursions, I mean we've seen him try to stop the creation of Ultron earlier in the game and his comic counterpart has formed a group in order to try and stop Incursions and maybe even bring back the alternate timelines.

So I'm predicting he'll be avaliable at somepoint in the future but, like Doom, he's only helping out S.H.I.E.L.D. to keep all the various timelines (as well as his temporal empire) around. When and how he will be avaliable?.......chapter 10+ of season 2 via daily roulette is my prediction.

IDK, might of just thought about too much. What's you guy's take on this hypothesis?

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