Now obviously the Covert Task heroes aren't as easy to predict as the PVP or Lockbox heroes, since they really have a theme. But given how the Covert Tasks have been used in the past I've came up with a list of who I'd like to see as a Covert Task hero (although most of these guys can easily be General Recruitment as well). Remember, this is heavily opinionated. Not trying to hurt any feelings with what I say.

  • Big Bertha: The Great Lakes Avengers were always minor players and more or less at the butt of a joke (usually Deadpool's if I'm correct). That being said, BB and Squirrel Girl are the only members that can be full fledged character in MAA (BB's more or less confirmed anyway as we've seen her sprite WIP if I remember correctly). I would predict that she would be the Covert Task hero for Chapter 6 (due to Deadpool being the star of the Premium mission and originally Squirrel Girl being a deploy in said mission) if not for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie being a month away.
  • Groot: Purely for promoting the GotG movie Spec Ops and who I predict will be the Covert Task for Chapter 6, although I honestly would of prefered it was Gamora for this and gotten Groot for general recruitment but that's just me.
  • Toxin: As much as I love the symbiotes, one Spec Ops is enough for them.....and probably will be all for them as stories mostly centered around them are often very minor events. That being said, Toxin's birth is one of those stories that I feel would be better Covert Task material. He only needs Carnage and Venom as bosses in a future mission.
  • Dazzler: Preferably Mojoworld Spec-Ops promotion for her Covert Ops. If Mojoworld isn't ment to be, just make something up. I mean Squirrel Girl has no connection to Sugar Man outside of her being a mutant.
  • A-Bomb: The Gamma gang needs more love, simple as that.
  • Forge: Forge seems like a character that would send you on a fetch-quest.
  • Reptil: He's the only hero on the promotional image for Season 2, that seems like a hint to me. Maybe one of last chapters as I think he's on the Circle of 8's hit-list.
  • Corsair: Introduce the Starjammers (that's the name of the team right?) and open the gateway to the rest of the Cosmos more.
  • Deathlok: Possible Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. tie-in?

Thoughts? Ideas? Disapprovals? Rants?

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