The Mission

The boss, Green Goblin is a scrapper, and the rest of the enemies? Well, they're the Goblin Serum variant of Test Subjects. So the fights leading up to the boss can have any class of enemy but generalist. Thus a versatile team is useful.

The Roster

This mission has a pretty low number of characters you can use.

Agent Venom; 135cp infiltrator who changes to bruiser at random

  • General: Somewhat unreliable character who shouldn't be used in fights with enemy blasters.
  • Avoid using with: none
  • Synergizes with: his infiltrator form has a potent ranged attack set that could work well with other ranged characters.

Black Widow; free as infiltrator, 45, or 35 cp for tac alts

  • General: good character for debuffing enemies, especially since the "Goblin Serum" buff IS removable.
  • Avoid using with: Deadpool, at least if he has Ridiculous, due to him buffing enemies.
  • Synergizes with: works moderately well wiht most

Deadpool; 135cp for scrapper, 75cp for blaster alt

  • General: Strong character, one of the few blaster options
  • Avoid using with: If he has Ridiculous; Black Widow and Satana(she gives the team stat debuffs)
  • Synergizes with: If he has Savory E-iso, he'd work well with Elektra to make enemies bleed to death faster

Elektra; lockbox, Infiltrator

  • General: solid bleed oriented melee character
  • Avoid using with:
  • Synergizes with: Deadpool(if he has Savory), Moonstone(buffs melee)

Fixer; Lockbox, blaster who can change to tac or infiltrator at will

  • General: doesn't actually work yet. but he's the only one who actually starts as blaster by default.
  • Avoid using with:
  • Synergizes with: character who use ranged or tech

Hawkeye; 1cp for tac, 38 for infiltrator alt, 42 for blaster alt

  • General: ranged character, one of the cheapest team options. Can fill a blaster role
  • Avoid using with:
  • Synergizes with: other ranged characters

Iron Fist; 15cp for scrapper(bruiser alt requires chapter mastery in season 2)

  • General: melee character with healing and debuff prevention abilities
  • Avoid using with: Satana(she relies on debuffing your team)
  • Synergizes with: Moonstone and Juggernaut, both of them have abilities that enhance melee conbat.

Juggernaut; lockbox, bruiser

  • General: hard hitting melee character who can buff the team
  • Avoid using with:
  • Synergizes with: anyone who uses Unarmed Melee, especially Satana and Moonstone

Luke Cage; 23cp for scrapper(bruiser alt requires chapter mastery in season 2)

  • General: melee oriented character with protect/counter
  • Avoid using with:
  • Synergizes with: Juggernaut(unarmed), Moonstone(melee), Satana(magic attacks increase the stacks of Meteor Swarm)

Moonstone; lockbox, tactician

  • General: odd character with very diverse abilities, can buff team melee damage, can give enemies a variety of mental debuffs, her E-iso lets her counter attack enemies with mental debuffs
  • Avoid using with:
  • Synergizes with: melee characters, especially Juggernaut, also other characters such as Punisher who can use mental debuffs(Intimidated in his case)

Punisher; 135cp generalist who can change classes at will

  • General: Frank is almost indespensible here since he's so versatile. You will always fight groups that have multiple enemy types, and Punisher can be any class at any time.
  • Avoid using with: He works reasonably well with pretty much everyone.
  • Synergizes with: Red Hulk(burning effects) and Moonstone(he gives enemies Intimidated which can trigger the counterattack from her E-Iso)

Red Hulk; 135cp tactician

  • General: mostly melee character who can also do debuffs, particularly burn effects, and protect
  • Avoid using with:
  • Synergizes with: If he gives enemies Pyrophoric, Satana and Punisher can ignite it with fire attacks

Satana; lockbox infiltrator

  • General: mixed melee/ranged character who can buff the team while giving enemies debuffs, and occasionally clear buffs from enemies
  • Avoid using with: Iron Fist and Deadpool, both use moves that clear stat debuffs
  • Synergizes with: Nul(his Meteor Swarm DoT gains stacks when the target is hit with magic), Red Hulk(burning effects)

Team choices by class

Generalist: Punisher(but can be ANY class)

Blaster: Hawkeye(alt), Deadpool(alt), Fixer

Bruiser: Iron Fist(alt), Juggernaut, Luke Cage(alt), Agent Venom(sort of)

Scrapper: Iron Fist, Deadpool, Luke Cage

Infiltrator: Agent Venom(most of the time), Black Widow, Elektra, Hawkeye(alt), Satana, Fixer

Tactician: Black Widow(alt), Hawkeye, Moonstone, Red Hulk, Fixer

Team Suggestions

This is based on ease of victory, not on teamup bonuses.

My personal favorite setups use Punisher, Moonstone, Satana, Juggernaut, and Scrapper Nul in various combinations depending on the specific enemy setup. (there are lots of enemy combos you might have to go through)

But... While highly effective, that's 3 lock box characters, a 135cp character, and a chapter mastery alt. Newer players who don't have those characters would need to find a different team to use. So let's look at the various characters by cost.

inexpensive options: Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Luke Cage

135cp: Agent Venom, Deadpool, Punisher, Red Hulk

lockbox: Elektra, {Fixer}, Juggernaut, Moonstone, Satana

So, four in each category. But for a low cost team, we don't have a lot of options. Iron Fist and Luke Cage are both scrappers, and Black Widow has just Infiltrator and Tactician, but Hawkeye has Tactician, Infiltrator, or Blaster.

For a total of 77cp(42+35) you can get the Avengers tac alt for Black Widow(coordinated attack is useful), and the Heroic Age blaster alt for Hawkeye(the trick arrows have a variety of interesting, and useful, effects).

If you have that the random enemies are dealable. Not EASY, but beatable with less cp spent than it takes to recruit Punisher.

But regardless of that, the boss fight in this mission is best done with a bruiser, and new players won't have one. The best option is probably Punisher, not because he's a great bruiser, but because he's versatile and will be useful in pretty much every fight.

Without Punisher, you're stuck using a scrapper, either a tactician or infiltrator, and tac/inf/blaster. Tacticians are useless here, AND a liability, so switching Hawkeye to blaster is pretty much a necessity. You could go with infiltrator, but it's not as useful. The Infiltrator Grey Suit BW would be useful here, but that's another 32 cp.

Whether you use Cage or Iron Fist, you'll probably want to use them defensively at least some of the time. Cage's body guard should not be used in wave 1 though. The only thing he can block is a bruiser, and you probably don't want that to happen.

Black Widow should use Flying Kick as often as possible to remove the Goblin Serum buff from the Test Subjects. Without it they only get one action each round. If you have her Grey Suit version she might be able to do it more than once a turn. She can't clear it from Normie, so she'd be better off using Widow's bite on him.

Hawkeye's job is to shoot everything that moves. In wave 1 he should take out the bruiser first then work on whoever's left. In wave 2 he should focus on the Goblin and let his team mates work on the Test Subjects.

Of course, this whole thing is easier if you have more options. Especially Juggernaut. Wave 1 is particularly irritating since all 3 enemies get to attack more than once and all 3 can stun you.... But that doesn't work on the Juggernaut.

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