Mission overview

The following Heroes are the only ones available to fight due to mission restrictions:

Mission 1: Available Heroes
Amazing Spider-Woman Icon Large 1 Cammi Icon Large 1 Chase Stein Icon Large 1 Kamala Khan Icon Large 1 Karolina Dean Icon Large 1 Kate Bishop Icon Large 1 Molly Hayes Icon Large 1
Nico Minoru Icon Large 1 Nova Icon Large 1 Spider-Girl Icon Large 1 Spider-Gwen Icon Large 1 Squirrel Girl Icon Large 1 Ultimate Spider-Man Icon Large 1 Victor Mancha Icon Large 1

That makes the entire mission a lot like a Heroic Battle.

The enemies aren't particularly diverse. Scrapper, blaster, tactician Iso-saurs as grunts with a bruiser(X-23), blaster(Death Locket), and a tactician(Madame Masque) as bosses and mini-bosses. This gives a high preference for certain classes and effects. There are no infiltrators anywhere, thus you can use tacticians with no worries. But.. there aren't many tactician options. So before I continue, I'm going to list who can be used and break down by class.

Hero List

Blaster, overall least useful, except for the X-23 fight.

  • Amazing Spider Woman(90 cp, 32 cp alt)
  • Karolina Dean(90 cp)
  • Nico Minoru(200 cp)
  • Nova(135 cp)

Bruiser, risky due to the high number of blasters, but useful for dealing with the scrappers. Also, webbed prevents crits from the blasters.

  • Molly Hayes(90 cp)
  • Spider-Girl(135 cp)
  • Spider-Gwen(90 cp) is one of the Epic Boss Deploys, so if you don't have her yet you should fix that ASAP.

Infiltrator, semi-useful for dealing with the many tacticians(they have that OP spear poke move), but vulnerable to the scrappers.

  • Ultimate Spiderman(200 cp)
  • Victor Mancha(135 cp)

Scrapper, There are no enemy infiltrators, so these have limited use, but there is only one bruiser, X-23, so they're not liabilities to have in most fights.

  • Amazing Spider-girl(90 cp, 45 cp alt only)
  • Chase Stein(200 cp)
  • Kamala Khan(90 cp)
  • Squirrel Girl(90 cp, also 63 cp alt)

Tactician, most fights have blasters so tacticians are great. Also, there are no infiltrators so they're never liabilities.

  • Cammi Benally(current spec Op hero)
  • Kate Bishop(90 cp) is one of the Epic Boss Deploys, so if you don't have her yet you should fix that ASAP.
  • Squirrel Girl(90 cp, 74 cp alt only)



  • Skulker, Mystic; Molly, Nico, Chase
  • Skulker, Mystic; Squirrel Girl, Cammi, Victor
  • Skulker, Mystic; USM, Kate, Kamala
  • Mystic, Guard, Skulker; ASW, Cammi, Gwen


  • Soldier, Mentalist, Skulker; Gwen, Cammi, Victor
  • Wave 1; Mentalist, Guard, Stalker, Wave 2; Stalker, Soldier; Karolina, Anya, Cammi
  • Wave 1; Stalker, Soldier, Stalker, Wave 2; Mentalist, Stalker; Chase, Nova, Kamala

The distribution of characters suggests that the distribution is based on using everyone and not on who is actually most useful for a specific fight. But usefulness is relative, and everyone has something they can do to be useful.

How to win

The scrapper Iso-saurs can take multiple turns each round, they love to give bleeding, they can give Radiation exposure, and even AoE mangle. The tacticians have a pre-counter that can give Mental Anguish, an attack that gives bleeding and THREE other effects, and a team buff that can clear debuffs while giving a stat boost. Then there's the blasters. They have buff removal attacks, stealthy attacks, a counter attack ability, and idiotically high attack.

So what to do about that? Stopping the scrappers from taking lots of extra turns is as easy as giving them exhausted. Blood Foil and Styptic can both prevent you from taking excessive damage from bleeding. It's especially useful on a character that does a lot of extra actions like Kate, Molly or Squirrel Girl. The various Spiders all have the ability to web enemies and that takes most of the punch out of the attacks of the blasters. Also, Molly can give impaired and ASW and Victor can give Magnetized. Magnetized is also useful for setting off Cammi's mines. The tacticians aren't quite as easy to deal with, but their precounter doesn't work if you use stealthy attacks, which May, Anya, and any infiltrator have.

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