The Mission

Defeat Skadi(a blaster), Nul(bruiser), Skirn(scrapper), and a few of the Circle of 8 cultists. The cultists are actually above average in terms of enemies too. Especially the Bugeishas since they have an AoE that causes bleeding, AND their passive lets them dodge attacks from anyone inflicted with bleeding. That gets annoying fast.

The Roster

Ares, Heimdall, Hercules, Loki, Sif, Thor, Valkyrie

Why not the Warriors Three? I have no idea. it'd add a bit more variety. But at present they are not available.

Only 7 options here. 4 characters who are always bruisers, and 2 who could be bruisers depending on their costume.

Ares - 200cp - Bruiser, very useful, especially if you have his A-Iso to give enemies disadvantage.

Heimdall - 200cp - bruiser, quite good, especially with Hercules

Hercules - 90cp - bruiser, never tried him, but he looks like a solid option, more so with Heimdall

Loki - lockbox - the only tactician, he's not as useful as you'd think. the only fight you might want a tactician in has a Bugeisha in the way. you do NOT want to see what happens when Bugeishas get to use their class bonus. (their counterattack is their AoE bleeding move) Yeah, the results of that are NOT pretty.

Sif - 23cp for the basic scrapper, 32cp for the bruiser alt - with infiltrators in the mission you'd think scrappers would be useful, but the infiltrators are always paired with bruisers(that protect), thus reducing their usefulness. And Sif just isn't that good. :/ Maybe with her A-Iso to give the team berserk she'd be better...

Thor - 90cp for the basic version, 66cp for modern Armor blaster or 70cp for Avengers blaster, Mighty Thor is currently locked, but that version is a scrapper/bruiser - I don't have the Mighty alts, I've used Classic and the Avengers blaster alt, both are quite useful.

Valkyrie - 200cp - bruiser, very useful since she can heal your team with her second move.

Team combos

Unlike most missions, I could actually write about pretty much every possible combo! Well, there's 210 3-god combos. So I might skip a few.

General Note: Styptic is a very useful iso to have. Bugeishas get really annoying when they start dodging everything.

4 of the options (Ares, Heimdall, Sif, Valkyrie) are slashing weapons users, having 3 characters who give enemies tenderized then exploit it is quite good. Heimdall is the star here since he can give the enemy team Tenderized and wide open with an AoE.

Also, Sif and Ares both do bleed effects, and combining them makes for faster bleeding.

Hercules, and Thor both use some melee, so they work reasonably well with Heimdall too.

Hercules is especially fun with Heimdall since Heimdall can use his L9 to give Herc an instant Blessing of Olympus.

Combining Herc and Ares could make for a scary counter attack focused team.

Loki is an awkward choice in more ways than one. Not only is he generally unuseful, his magic oriented moveset doesn't synergize with ANY other character.

Thor and Valkyrie are interesting, since both of them can use Electric attacks, though Thor needs his E-iso. The enemies in this mission have no resistance to it so it's a guaranteed way to bypass the bleed-dodge that the Bugeishas do.

Heimdall and Valkyrie are my favorite two characters. Both mix good support with powerful offense. I usually use them with Thor's Avengers blaster alt, since it's the only blaster option, and blasters are very useful. That and Coordinated Attack rocks.

For a budget team, Hercules, Sif, and Thor are cheapest. This isn't a bad team really, Thor and Sif can buff Herc so that he gets Blessing of Olympus sooner.


I recommend fighting Nul, then Skadi. When your team is bruisers Skirn is almost ignorable. Nul on the other hand is a major problem....

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