Dr. Strange Set

General notes:

  • Except for Trial 1, all of these challenges work best with the Tactician Modern Strange.
  • You are using your characters for the challenges, thus the challenges will be easier if you have them equipped well. Unless you don't own Voodoo or Daimon. Then you'll have a level 9 non-iso'd version as an ally.

Trial 1: Mind over Mindless

Fight 3 Mindless Ones. (1 purple, 2 orange) These Mindless Ones are Bruisers and don't have a lot of HP. You can easily destroy them by using Vapors of Valthorr several times.

Trial 2: Wizard's Duel

Fight Baron Mordo(blaster, astral aggressor, relentless) This is relatively simple, just hit him a few times and he'll go down. The only thing that can be an issue is if Mordo managed to drain your stamina too much.

Trial 3: That Voodoo That You Do

Fight Doctor Voodoo(blaster, Houngan Supreme) This fight is best to fight defensively as Doctor Voodoo has a passive that gives him Magic Warding, thus making him immune to Dark Void and Bane as well as reducing the damage you do to him.

Trial 4: To Hell And Back

Fight Daimon Hellstrom(blaster, Darksoul, Netheranium Spire) For this fight, Dr. Strange has Doctor Voodoo as an ally. The best strategy here is to hit Daimon over and over. Voodoo's warding will prevent your team from taking much damage. The main obstacle here is how Daimon will negate attacks at random with his trident. Just keep pounding on him, but be careful of his counter attack ability.

Trial 5: The Mirror

Fight Dr. Strange(Tactician, Defender, Mystic Funnel, Sorcerer Supreme, Sympathy) This time you have both Voodoo and Daimon as allies. Despite how your enemy can attack 4 times a round, the combination of Voodoo and Daimon's defenses will largely negate your opponent's attacks. However, the enemy has the ability to regain several thousand HP each turn. The enemy's weakness is his inability to remove or prevent debuffs. Also, Daimon can give the enemy Despair to temporarily negate his ability to heal. If you choose your attacks carefully you can give the enemy Deathfrost, Dark Void, Soulfire, and Poisoned, then hit him with attacks that exploit corruption for major damage.

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