original E-Iso roulette

Summary: I have collected data from multiple runs of the Daily missions that reward E-Isos. A copy of the data is here: User blog:Marhawkman/Daily Iso Logs This blog is an analysis of the collected data. All tallies are correct as of the time of this writing.

Observation: Each of the recorded galas has certain specific things in it. One character E-iso, one E-Iso for each class, and an E-Iso that is neither.

Now to break it down by slot:

  • Generalist slot: Inspiring(seen 29 times/acquired 2), Cleansing(seen 44 times/1), I've gotten an item from this slot 3 times.
  • Blaster slot: Explosive(27/1), Persisting(24/2), Unavoidable(23/2), so I've gotten this 5 times.
  • Bruiser slot: Hardened(26/0), Vengeful(23/0), Viscous(25/2), 2 total
  • Scrapper slot: Aggressive(26/2), Bruised(23/1), Purging(25/1), 4 total
  • Infiltrator slot: Blurred(21/0), Lingering(32/2), Reflexive(23/0), 2 total
  • Tactician slot: Increasing(26/1), Protective(28/2), Quick(20/1), 4 total
  • Character slot: this seems to be pretty much any character specific E-Iso, including gold store E-isos, except the ones for Hybrid. I've gotten this 4 times. One of them was the Gold store Iso for Cyclops
  • non-character, non-class E-iso slot: CP E-Isos(65/3), Styptic(7/1), and two errors in data logging.... I've gotten something from this slot 4 times.
  • junk slot: this is the sort of random stuff you get from season 1 deploys.... or as the consolation prize in a boss roulette. I got this 50 times.

Conclusions: Each slot except 9 seems to have approximately even odds. 50/74 means I got junk about 66% of the time.

new E-Iso roulette

As of 31-August-2015 the roulette for E-Iso day was changed. Here's the list of stuff I got today and what I saw in the roulette:

  • 31a: Ghost RiderT, Sheltered, bla, bla, bru, bru, inf, inf scr - Ghost RiderT
  • 31b: SifB, sympathetic, distant, bla, bla, gen, Inf, inf, scr - SifB
  • 31c: FantomexD, ThundraR, Sympathetic, bru, bru, inf, scr, tac - Mirror Field Dynamo
  • 31d: Relentless, Sheltered, bru, gen, gen, inf, tac, tac, Bruiser Amplifier - Quick
  • 31e: Styptic, bru, bru, inf, scr, tac, tac, Jade Prism, junk - Protective
  • 31f: FantomexD, bla, bru, gen, gen, inf, tac, sympathetic, junk - junk

This seems to add a tenth category, the new blue and green gear items.

54 isn't a large sample size, but lets look at how often I saw each category used.

  • Generalist 5
  • Blaster 5
  • Bruiser 8
  • Scrapper 4
  • Infiltrator 8
  • Tactician 6
  • Character 5 (I didn't notice any I hadn't seen before, but again, small sample size)
  • generic 8
  • junk 2
  • green/blue 3

The only observable pattern is that each spin had at least one generic iso, and one infiltrator. No other category was present in each spin. This could be random chance, it's hard to be sure with only 6 samples. Either way it's randomized a lot more than it was before. The junk category isn't even present many times, and gets picked less often as a result.

did 2 more runs:

  • 31g: resonant, surprising, bru, gen, gen, scr, tac, junk, Jade Prism - Jade Prism
  • 31h: WolverineS, bla, bru, gen, inf, tac, tac, junk, Paladin Defender - Paladin Defender

new totals:

  • Generalist 8
  • Blaster 6
  • Bruiser 10
  • Scrapper 5
  • Infiltrator 9
  • Tactician 9
  • Character 6
  • generic 10
  • junk 4
  • green/blue 5

Not much different, but it does demonstrate that it was a coincidence that all of the previous six had a generic iso and an infiltrator.

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