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    Lockbox Logs

    September 26, 2016 by Marhawkman

    01: VtH1#1 02: VacaS1#1 03: VacaS1#4 04: VacaS1#2 05: VacaS1#2 - dupe 06: VacaS1#2 - dupe 07: VtH1#1 - dupe 08: CUSA1#1 - Agonizing 09: VacaS1#4 - dupe, Sentient 10: Venom2#15 11: VacaS1#4 - dupe, 1cp 12: VacaS1#2 - dupe 13: CUSA1#1 - dupe 14: VacaS1#3 - Thrashing 15: Venom2#15 - dupe, Debilitating 16: CUSA1#2

    01:- T:SoA 1#8 02:- Avengers 1#7 03:- DS,SS 1#12 04: DS,SS 1#12 - dupe 05: DS,SS 1#12 - dupe 06:- Avengers 1#9 07: T:SoA 1#8 - dupe 08: Avengers 1#9 - dupe 09: DS,SS 1#12 - dupe 10: Avengers 1#9 - dupe 11:- Mighty Thor 1#17 12: Mighty Thor 1#17 - dupe 13:- T:SoA 1#9 14: T:SoA 1#9 - dupe 15: Mighty Thor 1#17 - dupe 16: Mighty Thor 1#17 - dupe 17: DS,SS 1#12 - dupe 18: DS,SS 1#12 - dupe 19:- JiM 1#103 20: DS,SS 1#12 - dupe 21: Avengers …

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    The following Heroes are the only ones available to fight due to mission restrictions:

    That makes the entire mission a lot like a Heroic Battle.

    The enemies aren't particularly diverse. Scrapper, blaster, tactician Iso-saurs as grunts with a bruiser(X-23), blaster(Death Locket), and a tactician(Madame Masque) as bosses and mini-bosses. This gives a high preference for certain classes and effects. There are no infiltrators anywhere, thus you can use tacticians with no worries. But.. there aren't many tactician options. So before I continue, I'm going to list who can be used and break down by class.

    Blaster, overall least useful, except for the X-23 fight.

    • Amazing Spider Woman(90 cp, 32 cp alt)
    • Karolina Dean(90 cp)
    • Nico Minoru(200 cp)
    • Nova(135…

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    How to use E and A Isos

    February 6, 2016 by Marhawkman

    What is this blog for? This is a compilation of suggestions on the best ways to use the various non-character-specific Augmented Isotope-8 and Empowered Isotope-8.

    First I'll address the non-LE Isos. Then get to the harder to get stuff.

    Non-Class specific E-iso

    Class specific E-iso

    Generic A-iso

    Non-Class specific E-iso

    gold A-iso

    All but one of these were character specific.

    • Calamitous, any AoE attack, 15% damage reduction, but the attack becomes catastrophic.

    • , Blood magic, any character can use it, but it's unreliable without self inflicted bleeding.... most heroes don't do that, but some agent gear items do.
    • , Eyebite, enh... I'd stick it on a protector for extra damage. It doesn't inflict debuffs, all it does is a little extra damage every no…

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  • Marhawkman

    The tooltip for Linked Minds reads: Chance to generate any class ability when hitting, or hit by, Generalists. But that's rather vague. So I'm going to explain how it really works.

    Linked minds procs each time an Ultron Sentry attacks or is attacked by a hero, including counter attacks. When not attacking a generalist it only creates a class ability if it's a counter class, for example a blaster attacking a bruiser. When attacking a generalist it does a random roll for each class power. Also each sentry present will separately do the roll simultaneously each time it triggers.

    This random roll may give it 0 class powers or it may give it all 5. It does a random probability for each class separately. The odds, per class, seem to be ~25%…

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  • Marhawkman

    God War

    January 19, 2015 by Marhawkman

    Defeat Skadi(a blaster), Nul(bruiser), Skirn(scrapper), and a few of the Circle of 8 cultists. The cultists are actually above average in terms of enemies too. Especially the Bugeishas since they have an AoE that causes bleeding, AND their passive lets them dodge attacks from anyone inflicted with bleeding. That gets annoying fast.

    Ares, Heimdall, Hercules, Loki, Sif, Thor, Valkyrie

    Why not the Warriors Three? I have no idea. it'd add a bit more variety. But at present they are not available.

    Only 7 options here. 4 characters who are always bruisers, and 2 who could be bruisers depending on their costume.

    Ares - 200cp - Bruiser, very useful, especially if you have his A-Iso to give enemies disadvantage.

    Heimdall - 200cp - bruiser, quite go…

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