• Marco L

    Good way to farm 1.12.2

    February 1, 2014 by Marco L

    This method is based on preemptively and regular counters so you can speed things up and get nearly afk grinding

    Works well if you have 5 star on 1.12.2

    Required stuff:

    Union Jack (Socketed with Violent isos)

    Bruiser World War II Captain America (Tact one wont help with Viper)

    Kitty Pride (Needed for deploy)

    Extra Gear:

    Any offensive combination with Mahayuga, Decade, Hotshot + Hard Nox, Advanced Idea, and possibly blaster outfit for Agent

    Fervent E-Iso for Captain America

    Distant E-Iso for Union Jack

    Items to use: Counter Strike (Cap), Revenge Strike (Cap), any healing (Cap), Penetrating strike (Jack)

    Union Jack -> Just get L1, L2 triggered for first wave, and also L6 for the last one

    Captain -> Watch out for Moonstone on the first wave, keep his L9 …

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