Hi there I figured I may aswell have a go at making a small explanation on how I've been doing in Pvp so far as of Season 2 in M:AA, This is my first blog post so I'm hoping for a good start

Adamantium league - Ranking of 1477 as of November 20th

Okay this is where I am at the moment It's good but consider I have bought gold for characters and ISO. I never buy gold cost weapons as I consider them a rip off.


Quicksilver Lvl 11, Kitty Pride Lvl 10, Agent Level 112 Power infiltrator:Dark sigil,Spidey sense injecter, Decoy device, Psychic punch

My offensive strategy is to use Quicksilver and Kitty to bypass tanks like Cap or Collosus for the first couple of turns. After which I use spidey sense and D.D to ensure single targets will not one shot attack. From here the enemy will pound on my characters and enjoy a nice counter attack while my characters remain relatively untouched. Quicksilvers counter goes first powering up Kitty and Agents counter attacks if facing infiltrators. From there Stealth attack can one shot anything unprotected and its just a matter of ganking the remaining hero. Strategy will change based on circumstance. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

I was very surprised to wake up to +81 Rating this morning bringing me up from 1370 ish.

Mostly on PvP at this level i find

Emma Frost- Tactician 70%, Infiltrator 30%

Ghost Rider-Scrapper

Doc.Strange- Blaster 40% Tactician 60%

Mocking bird- Generalist

Cap- 30% Brusier 70% tactician

Collosus- 20% Phoenix five, 80% Modern/40%Brusier 60% Scrapper

As of right now im finding alot less participants than the last tournament which is surprising as i'd have imagined Cable a want by the community being he is a blaster and a brilliant character. I also find a mediocre amount of Quicksilvers and Beasts at intervals also. Ill add more to this as it develops

Adamantium league-Ranking of 1456 as of November 21st

Yeah so yesterdays Hand of God ranking gain went down the drain. Woke up to -109. Figured Id put myself back up as much as possible before I logged off . Came across one of the new storms early this morning guy had her Tactician alt at level 10. The A.I did not appear to do very well but this may just be because my entire team got to counter attack blizzard. No real changes in the meta today. Saw more scrapper agents than usual.

Adamantium league-Ranking of 1445 as of November 26th

Okay so after a bit of a break I decided to buy Modern strange and pair him with Quicksilver. Im finding his synergy with my Dark sigil very encouraging. No special synergy with Quicksilver other than Sheild of the seraphim covering his butt. Teresing boost is a real help since my team is low Hp when compared with others. Probably due to missing Emma.

Today I saw these:

Emma(P5): 4

Hercules: 2

Doc strage(Modern): 2

Cap(WW2): 1

Scarlet Witch:1

Storm(Classic): 2

Not a very big sample today. But its nice to see Herc getting some screen time, Avengers cap seems to be extinct nowadays. Bit dissapointing but I guess everyones going to go for the better option. Saw someone with a socketed Signpost, bet they're kicking themselves

Change to usual setup: Kitty out, Modern Strange Lvl 9 Tactician in.

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