Well folks Spec ops 4 has officially come to a close. He had laughs,rants and glitches galore over the last month with the reign of Op 4 and so now I shall reign down firey judgement on it. I will not be including the maintenence fiasco on days one and two so lets get started with the core of the spec ops.

The missions

Alrighty when I first pushed the button to take my first mission I was greeted with the familiar backgrounds swamped in dark and mystic portals and a red sky. I felt that while setting the tone of demonic invasion there could have been a setting not not set in manhatten, perhaps Dormammus dark dimension or Hell itself. Sadly we got stuck with the usual protect the city routine. So I proceeded to play through the tasks while getting through mission one. I immediatly found myself defeated by a normal medium enemy encounter. Now this shocked me but also gave me hope that the spec ops may be challenging and a joy to play and to some extent I was right. The normal enemies throughout all 3 missions were of a great design with some appropriate effects such as exploding before death or absorbing magic damage. Playdom really did well on the new monster design and implementation here. After which I came across the mini bosses, I was happy to see alot of familiar characters related to hellish domains however I found the lack of original mini bosses yet again a tad dissapointing.

Mission rating: 7/10


Satana: Okay this one was a surprise. I flung around the phrases "Suitable for children?" "Where's Damian?" and "This is going to be one wierd boss fight" in my head for a little while. The actual fight itself was one of those first time whoopings which turn into easy fights once you've got the hang of it. Her Soul link move was an intresting part of her strategy but other than that I saw nothing that stood out much with Satanna besides the obvious...

Baron Mordo: Now i'll be straight here Mordo is one of my favourite Marvel villians so I was pretty emotionally invested in him being a good boss fight. I was pretty disapointed in the fight itself. His use of stranges moves and things really made him somewhat of a pushover in my mind. I was however happy to see astral magic finally made its way into the game.

Mephisto: Oh dear. This guy is the most irratating boss ive ever fought. Not only does he gives his mooks Super heroic but the bad ass devil can't die. Literally you have to kill off his super soldiers before he flees using a cool move called "Prince of lies" Oh and then you have to fight him again. nd this time you don't have the luxury of him trying to power his mooks up and he will come at you full force. Again this BAMF just will not die and has to casually leave when hes had enough of being whacked with things that shouldn't even hurt him. This boss alone puts my estimation of the spec ops difficulty up a couple of notches.

Epic Dormammu: I don't think here it's really dormmamu that's the problem but more his minions use of abysmal stare. A status effect that removes alot of health allowing lord dormy to finish off anyone with his flashy AOE move if he should choose to use it. Difficulty increases drastically without a self healing character like Torch or iron fist. Not a bad epic boss.

Boss rating: 9/10


Well while this spec ops practically adds nothing to the mainstream story I did find the exchanges between Strange and Ghostie quite humourus. Nick fury as allways came out with some of his legendary one liners. However I did find the exchanges between Ghostie and Satana a bit disturbing.

Dialogue rating: 6/10


Okay so just to be clear this section is about ALL of the weapons found in this spec ops including the Demon set and the soulfinder and the sinflayer.

Infernal blade + Soulfinder: Not a bad weapon for the spec ops, the use of sin application as either a normal or counter attack is a good way to increase sin for ghost rider while in the spec ops and outside of it. Inferior to the Fury however

Infernal axe+ Sinflayer: Most people forgot about this one the follow up attack may be AOE but its practical use in PvP and PvE seem to be lacking due to sin and bleeds not being compatible in a single strategy.

Signpost: When it was first released the signpost was a practical weapon that could be used as a greattool to deal with emma frost and gain back health at the same time. Now its a subtle monstrosity. Quick action health drain will take around 10 percent og the opponents teams health off of it and cannot be countered. As a weapon I believe that the orignal incarnation was a far better adition than the must have item it is now. Very good weapon premise.

Fury: Amazing weapon but what could you expect from a Payed weapon. With counter attack and multiple staus inflictions its possibly one of the best slashing melee wepons ever along with the demon set buffs it increases signposts healing potency making the signpost even better.

Hotshot: Not much to say here. Powers up the agent with a certain affliction and causes melt armour. Most likely only use is for the demon cycle of of buffs that eack part of the setr gives to the others.

Grief + Frozen hell: Why you would need the epic boss drop to make the final part of the demon set I'll never know. Anyway the Frozen Hell weapon is only good with characters who use fire attacks. Anyway once you use the Frozen hell and infernal fangs you get the Grief sword. An Aoe sword that used to be stealthy. After it lost that in a recent nerf its just buff fodder or a team kill weapon.

Sacrificial blade: Not much to say. Increases bleed team potency etc. Pretty high damage output so I wish id gotten one.

SInister sceptre: Very good weapon. One of the best agent protection weapons around. Also causes bane which is helpful.

Binding contract: A weapon that once again increases the potency of bleed teams. I really like the concept of the weapon.

Infernal fang: Really like that Playdom let all the none PvP socketers catch back up on the PvP bonuses with these. These made me happy.

Gears rating: 8.5/10

The tasks

The tasks this time round were easier than spec ops 3 I found. Most of them however were boring and tedious. A few of them even glitched for a few people such as the infernal fang task. Some were downright confusing such as the "Make 5 demons explode" Task. However nothing game changing new was added to the tasks list and yet again Playdom expects us to fork out for new characters to get the new one. 

Tasks rating: 2.5/10

The reward

What we all came here for the one and only Daredevil biker turned Demonic fighter Johnny blaze the Ghost. Now was he worth it? Character design is very good. Kinda missing the black leather coat but it's not a big deal.In terms of character Ghostie is highly playable in both PvP and PvE. Most players seem to enjoy his ability to endure a finishing blow and his high damage with numerous vengeance stacks. Truly Ghost rider was worth traversing the plateu of spec ops once again. However I have to wonder why non avengers characters are getting the spotlight in spec ops while there is still no Wasp or Antman announced. I only hope next spec ops vision is up to the task of fullfilling everyones hopes for the first mindless hero.

Ghost rider rating 9/10


So to conclude this review my overall view of this spec ops is that while not as good as the previous spec ops this one has its moments and the rewards truly were worth it this time around. In general I find the idea of spec ops a fun way of spending time. Lets all hope spec ops 5 is a fantastic addition to their series of special events (And for Ultron XD)

Spec ops whole rating: 7.5/10

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