• Magnasword2

    Well folks Spec ops 4 has officially come to a close. He had laughs,rants and glitches galore over the last month with the reign of Op 4 and so now I shall reign down firey judgement on it. I will not be including the maintenence fiasco on days one and two so lets get started with the core of the spec ops.

    Alrighty when I first pushed the button to take my first mission I was greeted with the familiar backgrounds swamped in dark and mystic portals and a red sky. I felt that while setting the tone of demonic invasion there could have been a setting not not set in manhatten, perhaps Dormammus dark dimension or Hell itself. Sadly we got stuck with the usual protect the city routine. So I proceeded to play through the tasks while getting throug…

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  • Magnasword2

    Hi there I figured I may aswell have a go at making a small explanation on how I've been doing in Pvp so far as of Season 2 in M:AA, This is my first blog post so I'm hoping for a good start

    Okay this is where I am at the moment It's good but consider I have bought gold for characters and ISO. I never buy gold cost weapons as I consider them a rip off.


    Quicksilver Lvl 11, Kitty Pride Lvl 10, Agent Level 112 Power infiltrator:Dark sigil,Spidey sense injecter, Decoy device, Psychic punch

    My offensive strategy is to use Quicksilver and Kitty to bypass tanks like Cap or Collosus for the first couple of turns. After which I use spidey sense and D.D to ensure single targets will not one shot attack. From here the enemy will pound on my charact…

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