• Maddogsoldier

    Can some one please explain to me how pvp tournaments work i mean it seems this game is always screwing me im level 114 running dr. strange modern captain britian and infiltrator agent my weapons i use are golden desert eagle and the mahayuga which is totally bs everyone else who uses it gets to attack before i attack never does it for me i use the scroll of anglolob and the quantum jumper my pvp bonuses are attack 364 got all blasters defense 228 accuracy 242 evasion 323 yet it seems i never evade anything at all all others 53 hp 18 sp and 9 all the rest my hp is 1485 and sp is 495 my armory bonuses are 56318 offense and 52161 defense got all armory slots. just curious how i can get the pvp people won i always win the spec ops people exce…

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