As the most popular mission to "farm CP", I felt that the drop rate of Command Points in Chapter 12 Mission 2 was decreasing steadily. There were several instances of me doing mission 12.2 without any CP as a result, or at most 1 CP. So I was under the impresion that Playdom "nerfed" it again.

But instead of raging about it, the best thing to do is testing if what I thought was true, or not.

So after the previous special ops ended, I took it to myself to test if this really was the case. And since 1 test is insufficient proof, I took 100 tests. 100x Chapter 12.2, with each test thus weighing 1%.

Drop Rate as stated by PotKettleBlack's guide

In the user guide of CP farming, PKB states that the current drop rate of CPs in 12.2 should be:

  • Baron Zemo Fight: 25% Low / 10% Medium / 3% High
  • Viper Fight: 20% Low / 5% Medium / 1% High

My test results - Zemo Fight

  • Consumables (Shawarma's, Elixirs, Cripplers, other crap nobody ever uses): 23%
  • Regular Weapons (most recurring: P.E.W. Dingo): 15%
  • ISO-8 Crystals: 18%
  • Energy/PVP refills: 2% (1 of each)
  • 1 CP: 27%
  • 3 CP: 11%
  • 5 CP: 4 %

Total amount of Command Points Farmed: 71, or by average 0.7 CP/10 energy

My test results - Viper Fight

  • Consumables: 28
  • Regular Weapons (most recurring: the Battery-Powered Hand Cannon): 12%
  • Spitting Viper (the Epic Boss Weapon): 4%
  • ISO-8 Crystal: 20%
  • Energy/PVP refills: 1%
  • 3 CP: 25%
  • 5 CP: 7%
  • 10 CP: 3%

Total amount of Command Points Farmed: 140, or by average 1.4 CP/10 Energy.

Background info on the tests

  • The tests were done in the period between April 28th 2014 and May 20th. There's a gap in the tests between May 2nd and May 12th due to the chapter 5 release (used all my energy on those tasks and farming some new weapons/E-ISO/A-ISO).
  • During the tests I was between Level 270 and 277 (though I doubt the exact level really matters).
  • I 4-starred mission 12.2. I refused to make it 5-star, so the tests could be performed in the quickest way possible.
  • The tests were done in the regular 12.2, not in challenge mode.
  • I refrained from using Energy refills, unless they were obtained in this chapter (1 large refill on the roulettes, 2 large refills via the Kitty Pryde dispatch). The few days where I did more tests than usual were the days where I leveled up 
  • The amount of tests varied per day, depending on how much free time I could spend on it. Considering I have a full-time job and several hobbies, I consider this the most I can do per day.
  • The total amount of command points I farmed was 211 CP. Together with CP's gained from Chapter 5, I was able to finally purchase Domino (to finish Chapter 4), and then obtain Agent Venom and Gamora; all in time for the start of the current Special Ops.


In contrary to what I thought (and you might believe), 12.2 is unaffected by Playdom and thus is still the best place to farm Command Points.

Single run-throughs of this mission has about a 2x50% chance of obtaining consumables/crystals, but numerous re-runs will result in LOTS of CPs.

Yes, I hear you: "my CP drop rate is slightly higher than that of PKB", which is true. But if you watch the raw data (looking for a way to upload it atm), you'll notice that my last ten tests resulted in an absurdly high amount of CP drops, increasing the end results and making my percentages slightly higher than noted in the user guide.

The only thing I am not able to explain was the 3x 10 CP result in the epic boss fight. But I guess I'll need a second test-series to see if the 1% drop is accurate or if it actually is 3% as I experienced.

And for your info: No, it's not enjoyable to keep re-doing this mission over and over again, but it IS the easiest way to farm CPs.


Raw results of the tests (just typed it up in a .txt file as I went on: )

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