After opening somewhere between a hundred and hundredfifty Demonic Lockboxes I finally obtained Satana.

But at that point, I did not complete all Locbox missions yet. Two days later I did. Together with some group boss results, I ended up with 63 spare lockboxes, without any real purpose.... or was there?

As a stats person myself, I wanted to do an opening of all lockboxes one-per-one, to see how high the chance was to actually pull a comic book cover from single lockboxes. The results were the following.

Out of 63 lockboxes, I got:

  • 34 Crappy supplies (varying from Shawarma, to Coagulators, etc). Safe a handful of items, most of them I'm never going to use.
  • 10 reactive ISO-8 of various types (one chaotic) and 2 crystals
  • 8(!) comic book covers
  • 5 Weapons (regulars, no SO-related weapons)
  • 1 Large Energy
  • 1 3x PVP fights
  • 1 Command point
  • 1x 40 Unstable ISO

How good is the chance I get a comic book cover out of ten random boxes I open single?

That honestly depends on your luck. Let me give you the ten-by-ten boxes to give you some insight.

  • My first ten boxes I opened, I got four covers, a weapon and 40 unstable ISO-8. I was amazed by this result, so I continued.
  • The next ten boxes, I got two covers, resulting in a total of 6.
  • The next ten boxes, I got 9 crap supplies and 1 reactive ISO-8, nothing else. So NO covers.
  • The next ten boxes, I got no covers AGAIN..
  • The next ten boxes, I got one cover, resulting in a total of 7.
  • The last thirteen boxes, I got one last cover, ending in a total of 8.

As you can sea, While it may be an average of more than 1 per ten boxes, there's a high chance you might end up with either 1 or 0 boxes. One set of ten boxes held extremely high luck, while the others were only "average" or even bad.

If you want to open up lockboxes one by one, wait until you have like over 50 boxes, to increase your chances. If you have 20 of lower boxes, I would recommend opening them by ten, to ensure you have a cover.

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