Heroic Battles

Season 2 is live for a few days, so let's rejoice! 

With that came a few new challenges in the game; one of which is called Heroic Battles.

In chapter 1 of Season 2, we're presented with 6 of these:

  • Gambit & Rogue Vs 2 Prime Sentinels
  • Wolverine Vs 3x Sabretooth
  • Nightcrawler Vs a shapeshifting Mystique
  • Spider-Woman Vs MODOK & two AIM Bioethicsts
  • Hercules Vs Thor
  • Cable & Deadpool Vs the U-Foes... and Deadpool.

Each of these fights is unique in its own way and each of these fights has a tricky way of winning:

  • In the Sentinel Fight it's Rogue absorbing the Generalist clast, while Gambit eats away defense of the preferred target and letting the two work together to take down one Sentinel at a time.
  • In the Wolverine Vs Sabretooth it's to trick to a: cut Sabre's defens, b: make him bleed, c: stun him as frequently as possible and then finish him; and that for three times. I did noticed the stun works less in the third wave, so cut back on that.
  • The Mystique Vs Nightcrawler fight only has one strategy: Equip him with the Swashbuckler alt and make her bleed.
  • The Hercules has the trick of resting three times, luring Thor to fight you and raise all of your stats massively. When you have 3 stacks of "HIT ME", THEN hit Thor with all you have and hope he hits (yeah, his accuracy is low). If you're in luck, you can win with a Lv. 1 Herc. I won with a Lv. 3 Herc.
  • The Cable and/vs Deadpool fight is quite easy if you know the trick. In the second wave, ONLY attack Deadpool. The other U-foes' stats are horribly low, so the last survivors are easily taken care of. The longer Deadpool lives, the more chance you have of running into "Buggy" or "Nerfed", crumbling Cable's stats and your chances of survival.

But the most annoying of all these fights as I've experienced (and of many other people I noticed) is the fight between Spider-Woman and M.O.D.O.K. She. Dies. Too. Fast.

The rodent called Spider-Woman

Personally, I never liked Spider-Woman. Didn't like her addition to the New Avengers about ten years ago and I have to say the Skrull Impersonation didn't help her popularity with me. She's like a love-child between Spider-Man and Black Widow gone wrong.

In MAA Spider-Woman is one of the "less good heroes" (written at August 5 2013, not taking into account any future upgrades). Her only passive is that she's immune to any kind of poison or radiation (and to think she only has that passive since last May). That buff is actually quite handy... if her attacks did any actual damage... or if she could dodge attacks decently (or take damage). But she does none of it all. She's not agile, she's not strong and she can't take hits. 

If I could make 1 suggestion to her character is that applying Fear Pheromones becomes a permanent passive instead of her Lv. 9 move and have her a complete new Lv. 9 move. But since Playdom is slowly upgrading all old heroes one by one, we might see a completely new Spider-Woman... next year or so.

In the meantime, we're stuck with this easy-to-swat arachnid.

The Enemies

The enemies in this Heroic Battle is M.O.D.O.K., backed up with two AIM Scientists of the Blaster type. But considering the unfair match-up (no duh), they added some debuffs to the enemy so that Spider-Woman actually has a bit of a chance:

  • M.O.D.O.K.'s Doomsday Counter is removed by Venom Blast. And if it is removed, the big face WILL reset it.
  • The AIM Scientists have a "budget" air filter, making them heal Spider-Woman if they're hit by Fear Pheromones. The hint states they should protect her as well, but I've never seen that happen.

MODOK uses the following moves:

  • Hyper Beam: His most frequently used attack. Causes ISO-corruption, which can stack twice, lets Spider-Woman take damage and reduces her stats a bit. 
  • Psycho-8: He doesn't use this very frequently and only if the Doomsday clock is at 1 turn (and even then he can vary wit Hyper Beam). This is his MOST ANNOYING move, as it causes Mental Anguish. If this comes at a bad timing, you lose. Using anything else beside Recharge will backfire. And if your scientists are up for the fight (instead of the healing), you lose.
  • Reset Doomsday Clock: The move you want him using the most. When he's hit with Venom Blast, he WILL use this move. If the clock has run out, he will also reset the clock. The end-effect of the doomsday clock isn't that bad, but you want him using this move so that he doesn't continue corrupting or anguishing you.
  • Self-Repair: Take notice. If his health drops below 40-50%, his base move when the clock strikes one will become this one instead of Psycho-8 (and again, he will alternate with Hyper Beam). This one is better for you to stay alive than Psycho-8, but it's annoying because the fight keeps dragging on.

The bioethicist is nothing special. Hits either with Sanitizing agent, Mechanical Strike, or (when hit with Fear Pheromones) Probiotic Spray (the healing spray). 


Spider-Woman needs an ISO-buld that can help her survive. Her biggest needs are a lot of Health, Stamina and Evasion, Some accuracy (to ensure she actually hits modok) and a bit of attack and a bit of defense. Her basic attack stat is decent (not good, just decent) and you're going to need to sacrifice the attack and defense space for all the rest.

After a LOT of failures, the build I finally succeeded with was with a Lv. 10 Spider-Woman with the following REACTIVE ISO:

  • 1 Tireless
  • 1 Stoic
  • 1 Durable
  • 1 Steadfast
  • 1 Dexterous
  • 1 Robust

This build gave her a 2 stacks of attack and defense, 3 stacks of accuracy, and a massive amount of all the rest.

What moves to use?

She has 4 moves, but if you want to win this fight, you can only use the following actions:

  • Fear Pheromones
  • Venom Blast
  • Recharge

How to use them is the only part I cannot help with, since the moves are random. The basic start is:

  1. Use Fear Pheromones
  2. Recharge
  3. Venom Blast (this moment can be tricky if your spider-woman doesn't have enough health boost)
  4. Fear Pheromones
  5. Either Venom Blast or Recharge, depending on MODOK's move.
  6. Either Venom Blast or Recharge, depending on MODOK's move.
  7. Fear Pheromones
  8. Etc.

Be sure to Use Fear Pheromones every three moves, or you WILL die.

Be sure to ONLY use Vengeance AFTER MODOK died. You need those AIM scientists in order to stay alive!

The Venom Blast/Recharge really really depends on what move MODOK uses. You need to take your Stamina bar into account as well, because as I said, you need to be able to use Fear Pheromones EVERY three turns.

For me, after ten times (or so, could be more), I finally beat MODOK and his crew. And for the record: NO, I'm not going to do that fight EVER again.

Just wanted to share my experience with you.

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