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    As the most popular mission to "farm CP", I felt that the drop rate of Command Points in Chapter 12 Mission 2 was decreasing steadily. There were several instances of me doing mission 12.2 without any CP as a result, or at most 1 CP. So I was under the impresion that Playdom "nerfed" it again.

    But instead of raging about it, the best thing to do is testing if what I thought was true, or not.

    So after the previous special ops ended, I took it to myself to test if this really was the case. And since 1 test is insufficient proof, I took 100 tests. 100x Chapter 12.2, with each test thus weighing 1%.

    In the user guide of CP farming, PKB states that the current drop rate of CPs in 12.2 should be:

    • Baron Zemo Fight: 25% Low / 10% Medium / 3% High
    • Vip…

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    Season 2 is live for a few days, so let's rejoice! 

    With that came a few new challenges in the game; one of which is called Heroic Battles.

    In chapter 1 of Season 2, we're presented with 6 of these:

    • Gambit & Rogue Vs 2 Prime Sentinels
    • Wolverine Vs 3x Sabretooth
    • Nightcrawler Vs a shapeshifting Mystique
    • Spider-Woman Vs MODOK & two AIM Bioethicsts
    • Hercules Vs Thor
    • Cable & Deadpool Vs the U-Foes... and Deadpool.

    Each of these fights is unique in its own way and each of these fights has a tricky way of winning:

    • In the Sentinel Fight it's Rogue absorbing the Generalist clast, while Gambit eats away defense of the preferred target and letting the two work together to take down one Sentinel at a time.
    • In the Wolverine Vs Sabretooth it's to trick to a: cut Sa…

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    After opening somewhere between a hundred and hundredfifty Demonic Lockboxes I finally obtained Satana.

    But at that point, I did not complete all Locbox missions yet. Two days later I did. Together with some group boss results, I ended up with 63 spare lockboxes, without any real purpose.... or was there?

    As a stats person myself, I wanted to do an opening of all lockboxes one-per-one, to see how high the chance was to actually pull a comic book cover from single lockboxes. The results were the following.

    Out of 63 lockboxes, I got:

    • 34 Crappy supplies (varying from Shawarma, to Coagulators, etc). Safe a handful of items, most of them I'm never going to use.
    • 10 reactive ISO-8 of various types (one chaotic) and 2 crystals
    • 8(!) comic book covers
    • 5 W…
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