Here we go again. Another task list and again we go about farming some more drops. This time it will be lot of Serum Samples farming.

Split Paths

Serum Sample will always drop from deploy missions no matter which path is chosen.

Stick to the plan boss drop: Serum Sample
Rusk's route boss drop: Refined Serum Sample

Serum Sample

Deploys work for both Split Paths

Event type Chance
Deploy (Any) 22%
Deploy (Hero/Class) 51.7%
Boss 20%
Epic Boss 25%

Refined Serum Sample

Note: Epic boss drops 3x Refined Serum Samples when Captain America fights alone.

Event type Chance
Boss 20%
Epic Boss 25%


Seems I will be farming Mission 3 for Epic boss to maximize chances for refined samples. And some from deploys. After got all 15 required refined samples I will stick with normal path.

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