So 28th day Spec Ops has just begun and people are already crying they won't get Sandman this time. No easy tasks this time so will it really be this hard to get?

I've tried to go and look for possible sources of Sandboxes.

Spec Ops


There is no subtask with lot of lockboxes this time. Only Task 7: Hybridization tasks rewards 10x Sandboxes.


All Deploys in Spec Ops have chance to drop 1x Sandbox. Odds depend if this is hero specific deploy or any hero deploy.

Type Chance
Deploy (Hero) 40.2%
Deploy (Any) 15%

Notes: Mission 1 and Mission 2 both start with 1 round hero deploy (Hulk and Captain America).

Epic Boss

Only Epic Boss has chance to drop some Sandboxes.

Loot Chance
3x Sandbox 10%
5x Sandbox 5%

Group Boss

As always if you have lot of allies this is cheapest source for lockboxes.

Collecting your own group boss rewards 10x Sandboxes. Collecting group boss from ally reward gives 1x Sandbox.

There's also loot table for defeating group boss which has following chances:

Loot Chance
1x Sandbox 70%
3x Sandbox 20%
5x Sandbox 10%

Best Farming

Group boss is best source for lockboxes. But if one doesn't have many allies he's left with farming Spec Ops missions. Thanks to User:Meisterjohnny here are odds optimized for UISO:

  • Expected value (mission 1/2) = 0.402 LB/20 UISO = 0.201 LB per 10 UISO
  • Expected value (Epic Boss) = (0.402*3 + 0.15*2 + 0.1*3 + 0.05*5)LB/160 USIO = 0.1285 LB per 10 UISO

So if you got Hulk or Captain America it's best to farm Mission 1/2 deploy for Sandboxes and grab Hybrid whenever possible.

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