Here is a list of eisos and aisos I have required so far:

Captain America's Discus

Dr Strange's Enchanted

Wolverine's Hunting Instinct

Thor's Thunder God 

Iron Man's Photoconducivity 

Ms Marvel's Fixating

QuickSilver's Frictionless

Rogue's Roguelike

SPiderman's tangled eiso

X-23 eiso

Red Hulk eiso

War Machine eiso

Thing eiso

Invisible Woman eiso

Dr Doom eiso

Falcon eiso

Union Jacks Victorious Aiso

Red Hulk'  Endothermic Aiso

Black Panther's Reflexive AIso (X3)

Angel's Penitent Aiso (x3)

Havok aiso (stabalizing aiso)

Valkyrie aiso

Punisher's battle van aiso

Moon Knight aiso

Emma Frost aiso

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