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    MAA fights

    June 13, 2014 by LoneHero12
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  • LoneHero12

    MAA fight

    June 13, 2014 by LoneHero12

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  • LoneHero12

    Here is a list of eisos and aisos I have required so far:

    Captain America's Discus

    Dr Strange's Enchanted

    Wolverine's Hunting Instinct

    Thor's Thunder God 

    Iron Man's Photoconducivity 

    Ms Marvel's Fixating

    QuickSilver's Frictionless

    Rogue's Roguelike

    SPiderman's tangled eiso

    X-23 eiso

    Red Hulk eiso

    War Machine eiso

    Thing eiso

    Invisible Woman eiso

    Dr Doom eiso

    Falcon eiso

    Union Jacks Victorious Aiso

    Red Hulk'  Endothermic Aiso

    Black Panther's Reflexive AIso (X3)

    Angel's Penitent Aiso (x3)

    Havok aiso (stabalizing aiso)

    Valkyrie aiso

    Punisher's battle van aiso

    Moon Knight aiso

    Emma Frost aiso

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    I have 14 L13 ready characters can be trained up. Originally I was thinking about saving up enough silver to train all them up (5.6 million silver is a lot):

    SO here is my list:

    • Iron Man 3 - blaster
    • Pheonix Five Cyclops - Tact
    • Dr Strange modern- Blaster
    • classic Storm- blaster
    • modern armor Thor- bruiser
    • Dare devil- Scrapper
    • Iron Fist- Scrapper
    • Spider woman- Scrapper
    • Black Widow avengers- Infiltrator
    • Shadow Cat Kitty Pryde- Infiltrator
    • Venom Suit Spiderman- Bruiser
    • Blue Suited QuickSilver- generalist
    • Rogue- Generalist
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