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Hello Everyone!

This previous Pre-vp, I was able to play into the Vibranium league. However, I ran into a couple of problems. I used Iron Man along with Iron Fist, but, Fist went down really quickly, and Iron Man was extremely weak to Cyclops due to class. This seems like an extensive problem at first, since both heroes are strong, but, how can we fix both probs at one time. Simple, a certain Flora Colossus. Today, I;m going to share with you my Pre-vp Beta team plan: Iron Fist and Guardian Groot.


Groot Dialogue 2

Stat Isos: Full Health and Defense. Be the wall. Survive

Ei8: Since this is Guardian Groot, he can only have 1 ei8. However, it is totally worth it, as his GoG ability makes him much stringer, even if its just him. My plan is to use Big and Fast ei8 for extra turns.

Ai8: On his L1, I will be placing the Wide-Open Ai8 because just about all his moves are Melee. L2, the Energize one will work, since his Cutting attack is buff, and the Colossus can't have one. L6, Exploit Combos. Iron Fist places Combo Setup just about anytime he attacks, and this would make it stronger and more synchronized. L9, as expected, the Hit Flying Ai8, because it does enough damage as it is.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist Dialogue 1 Right

Stat Isos: I'm thinking Attack and Accuracy. He doesn't need defense or health b/c of Groot.

Ei8: I will be using his Classic uniform. I will use both of his personal Ei8. the 30G one will allow him to place lots of Paragon Debuffs for Groot, and Combo Breaker 100% is unpassable.

Ai8: L1 = Exploit Combos: Always exploiting on every attack is awesome. L2 = Increased Damage: There's not much choice, since it almost always hits/crits and already exploits combos. L6 = Personal: Rising Up buffs + Heal for Groot. L9 = Energize: Only Option.


Uniform Class - Tactician: Takes care of those nasty blasters for Groot.


  • SoA - Awesome, absolutely needed, won from Incursion :D
  • Quantum Jumper - If there's anything that would make Iron Fist and Groot stronger, it's more turns.
  • Combat Communicator - Counter Attacks for Groot, helps Agent attack faster.
  • Kinetic Energy Blade - Good Damage and Melt Armor, counter if Agent happens to get hit.

Iso - Leaning towards Attack and Stamina, but Accuracy might be good too.


I do plan on having both these heroes to L14 by Pre-vp Beta. If you have any questions or comments or ideas, please let me know.

Also, I am a Lv. 47 Agent at this posts writing.

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