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  • I was born on July 23
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  • Lionking20

    Pre-vp Beta Team Plan

    September 2, 2014 by Lionking20

    Special thanks to ISK for the Image Help

    Hello Everyone!

    This previous Pre-vp, I was able to play into the Vibranium league. However, I ran into a couple of problems. I used Iron Man along with Iron Fist, but, Fist went down really quickly, and Iron Man was extremely weak to Cyclops due to class. This seems like an extensive problem at first, since both heroes are strong, but, how can we fix both probs at one time. Simple, a certain Flora Colossus. Today, I;m going to share with you my Pre-vp Beta team plan: Iron Fist and Guardian Groot.

    Stat Isos: Full Health and Defense. Be the wall. Survive

    Ei8: Since this is Guardian Groot, he can only have 1 ei8. However, it is totally worth it, as his GoG ability makes him much stringer, even if its just…

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