The Ten Most Annoying Heroes to Face in PvP

#10: Any agent with Signpost, Digital Decoy, or Scroll of Angolob

·        Nothing is more irritating then having the right buffs on your character to do the ultimate damage on his or her next turn only for the agent to pull our Scroll of Angolob and ruin all your set up, or using Digital Decoy so you miss your next big attack.

#9: Tactical Storm

·        Her concealing mists make hitting the other team a pain in the rear end.  She also has two devastating area attacks that can waste your entire team if she can pull them off.

#8: Scarlet Witch

·        Lord help you if she pulls off her hex bolts and probability field moves.  Every time she nails me with the hex bolts, I have a hard time hitting the other team, and I get punished for missing.  Her probability field then puts loads of debuffs on my team while helping hers out.

#7: Psylocke

·        Not only does she have the ability to give her team extra turns, she can also hit you before you attack her.  She also dodges like a mad man making her extremely hard to hit.

#6: FF Spider Man

·        I can’t land a hit on this guy and he protects like crazy.  He also raises his entire team’s evasion to ridiculous levels as well.

#5: Wolverine

·        He always protects and has a devastating counter attack.  He also heals every round and shakes off bleeding and poisoned in one round.

#4: Iron Patriot War Machine

·        Two words for this guy:  OVER POWERED.  C’mon, three stacks of radiation in one attack?  If I am lucky enough to survive the initial onslaught, the DoT effect normally takes my team out within the next round.  I pray for the first attack when I see him and pray for a stun.

#3: WC Phoenix

·        She makes it almost impossible to kill any of the opposing team.  She simply brings them back to life, and can do it over and over again.  Additionally, she normally teams herself up with Shadowcat, making it a real pain to face her.

#2: P5 Cyclops

·        Easily the most used character in PvP right now.  He can have his entire team counter attack and inflict flanked on anyone he attacks.  He is another I target at the first opportunity.

#1: Rescue

·        She is more of a nuisance then a threat.  However, she is the one hero who makes me wish for a surrender button in PvP.  If I can’t hit her just right, she makes the fight a virtual nightmare.  I have logged out of Facebook on many occasions in the middle of a fight because of her.

I normally run into a combination of the heroes mentioned above.  There are ways to handle them.

·        Equip your agent with a debuff remover (I use the Ionic Emitter, which also removes that pesky dark void).

·        If you have Reboot, equip your agent with it.  Not only does it protect against Burning, Chilled and Bleeding, it also is a quick action that does not take a lot of stamina.  Good to use against someone who used a digital decoy to take out the pesky mirror image.

·        Equip your agent with a weapon that either: ignores defense, ignores shields, ignores phase, is catastrophic, a guaranteed hit, or inflicts a wicked debuff.  Preferably one that does more than one of the aforementioned.

·        Tactician Black Widow is your best secret weapon.  One kick from her wipes out any buffs that were on her target and can apply stun.  She also packs on a counter attack.  She is a must have for any attacking PvP team.

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