I have been playing for a little while and have amassed a good collection of heroes.  Some I have thoroughly enjoyed and use them a lot, some have outlived their usefulness, and some I have regretted.  Here is a quick snapshot of who I have and what I believe their main contributions are:

Black Widow

Strength:  Has ability to remove Buffs off opponents.  Can apply weakness and stun debuffs.

Weakness:  She is a little on the fragile side.

Notes:  Put her in her grey tactical outfit to really make her shine.  Not only will she get the Tactician class, but she will counterattack almost every attack that comes her way.  Definitely an investment hero since she really doesn’t get all that powerful until she reaches level 6.

Iron Man

Strength:  Has two area attacks.  One puts on two nasty DoT effects, the other exploits them.  He can also and remove shields and prevent opponents from generating them.

Weakness:  Really weak defense.

Notes:  This is with his Golden Mark 42 Armor.  The only good thing about his regular armor is spamming the unibeam, but that takes up too much stamina for my tastes.


Strength:  Has the ability to put on debuffs with every attack and apply them to the entire opposing force.

Weakness:  This is also his main weakness.  Since the debuff is random, you can wind up with one that actually helps the enemy (i.e. incendiary arrow on Human Torch).

Notes:  This is with his Heroic Age uniform.  Without this uniform, he is pretty much only good for flight deck missions.


Strength:  Has the ability to apply flanked to opponents and give each ally a counterattack.

Weakness:  Has low stamina.  He gets tired really quickly.

Notes:  Great character for a defensive team.  He made me change my strategy when he started showing up all the time, and I do mean all the time.  This is how I found out what a great heroine Black Widow is.

Invisible Woman

Strength:  Can remove an opponent from the field.  Great for those characters with one shot kills, or with devastating area attacks.

Weakness:  Her counterattack when she is in combat reflex mode.  Throwing up a shield?  With so many shield breakers out there now, this is stupid.  I like her better when she fights back.

Notes:  Underestimate her at your peril.  She took down my entire team from a three on one advantage once.

Iron Fist:

Strength:  Has the chance to prevent a counter attack.  Can also remove debuffs.

Weakness:  High stamina usage.  He gets tired really easily.

Notes:  I have not played him a lot since his redo.  I might change my mind after a little while.

Ms. Marvel

Strength:  Has ability to heal from energy attacks, and get two attacks every other round.

Weakness:  High stamina user.  Another character who gets tired very quickly.

Notes:  She is a great second blaster and should be the first 15CP hero you get.  She has decent attack at low levels.  However, her usefulness tends to diminish as you level up.


Strength:  Can put a hurting on an opponent in her opening salvo.

Weakness:  There are times this doesn’t work.

Notes:  She-Hulk is a one trick pony – Burst of Speed + Motion Granite + Stomp = lots of damage, but only if motion granite inflicts stun, which it does not do for me very often.

Black Cat

Strength:  Can really put a hurting on opponents when conditions are right

Weakness:  Really fragile and needs a protector

Notes:  Black cat is outstanding in her claws uniform.  The correct combo for her is:  first round, inflict bleeding.  Next round, stroke of luck + nerve chop = bye bye opposing hero.  The only problem is everyone knows this and getting her to that second round can be problematic when the opposition singles her out.


Strength:  The man is a tank who can take a lot of damage.

Weakness:  His damage output is not that great.

Notes:  Colossus really shines in his modern uniform as a scrapper.  This will eliminate the bruiser curse of being extremely fragile against blasters.  He works best as a supporting character protecting your main attackers.

Luke Cage

Strength:  Cannot be inflicted with bleeding

Weakness:  Too numerous to mention.

Notes:  Luke Cage is probably the worse hero in the game.  Useful only for flight deck missions.


Strength:  Can bolster your defense and get three critical attacks her first three rounds

Weakness:  Other characters do all her things better

Notes:  Sif is really shines in her alt uniform as a bruiser or scrapper due to getting three guaranteed critical hits on her first three attacks.  This is really god when you are facing infiltrator because you can put a real hurting on them really quickly.

Dr. Strange

Strength:  Has a devastating area attack and three of his moves are quick actions.

Weakness:  Extremely fragile and quite easily taken out without a protector

Notes:  Put him in his alt tactical suit to really make him shine and get the chance for a random shield here or there

Human Torch

Strength:  Inflicts burning and exploits it.  Really hard to hit with ranged attacks.  Can also replenish his own health.

Weakness:  His level nine harms everyone making it useless

Notes:  Human Torch gave me fits in the earlier stages of PvP.  I remember being locked in countless Human Torch vs Human Torch battles that dragged on forever.  He really shines in his Future Foundation uniform and is outstanding with another member of the Fantastic Four in their Future Foundation uniforms.

Kitty Pride

Strength:  Cannot be hit for the first three rounds of battle unless she wills it

Weakness:  When she can be hit, she can be taken out rather easily

Notes:  This ability is with her shadowcat uniform equipped.  She will start the battle phased and counterattack with an ability that exploits this.  She is really great as bait for scrappers.  They attack her while other team members take them out.

Mr. Fantastic

Strength:  Can replenish the other teams stamina

Weakness:  Too many to mention

Notes:  Mr. Fantastic is another useless hero.   He is only good for flight deck missions.

Spider Woman

Strength:  Can make the other team not want to attack you and want to protect you

Weakness:  You have to invest in her to make her do this for you

Notes:  Spider Woman is fun to play if you remember her main focus is support.  Her job on the battlefield is to confuse the other team and let the other two take them out easier


Strength:  Good protector and gets an attack if he is attacked while protecting

Weakness:  High stamina user.  Gets tired really quickly.

Notes:  In my mind Thing is a better protector that Colossus because he gets an extra attack if he is attacked.  This makes his protection worthwhile.


Strength:  Very hard to hit and is stealthy

Weakness:  Attacks are rather weak and rely heavily on status effects

Notes:  To me, Daredevil has been nerfed.  I would rather have a counterattack paired with a high evasion then be stealthy.


Strength:  All attacks are stealthy and can inflict bleeding.  Really hard to hit.

Weakness:  Protects when it is not beneficial to him or me

Notes:  You need to have his Swashbuckler uniform equipped to get the bleeding effect.  If you do not have this, then he is only good for flight deck missions.


Strength:  Has to chance to reincarnate either herself when she is knocked out or another character when they are knocked out

Weakness:  This is unreliable, she has never reincarnated me or any of my teammates, ever.

Notes:  Phoenix used to be awesome but Playdom as nerfed her down to complete uselessness.  I guess people complained about her being OPed, but that is the poinbt of her.  She is a cosmic engine of destruction and should not be so easily beaten.  Shame on you Playdom for doing this to her.


Strength:  Two attacks a round and can surprise for a devastating attack from out of nowhere

Weakness:  Attacks are very very very weak.

Notes:  Get his alt uniform to truly maximize his potential.  His true strength lies in his unexpected attack.


Strength:  When she gets going, she can decimate the opposition

Weakness:  It takes a while for her to get going.  She is also very fragile and can be taken out in one hit

Notes:  Storm need to be level nine to reach her true potential.  Her attacks are designed to be stacked a certain way to utilize her to her full potential.  I would make concealing mists a quick action.

War Machine

Strength:  Three stacks of radiation damage in the entire team in one attack.

Weakness:  Needs to rest between rounds

Notes:  War Machine really shines in his Iron Patriot suit.  He is a great defender in PvP.  I hate running into him and target him first for elimination, hopefully before I get the radiation poisoning.

Black Knight:

Strength:  Immune to magic effects

Weakness:  Extremely low accuracy

Notes:  He is a great supporting character and good protector.  Let him protect while the other two devastate with attacks.

Captain America

Strength:  Can tank really well.  Makes it so ranged attacks cannot be dodged

Weakness:  None

Notes:  Put him in his WWII suit to maximize his true potential.


Strength:  With enough stacks of energy, can be a one hit kill machine

Weakness:  Needs time to shine.  A simple debuff move can make him start all over.

Notes:  Gambit is overlooked a lot because he does take a little time to build up that power.  But when he hits and takes out an opponent with a full health bar, he isn’t being ignored anymore


Strength:  When he is buffed, he can destroy an entire opposing team

Weakness:  Over reliance on being buffed out to be truly effective

Notes:  Hercules is fun to play.  You do not need to worry about stamina since he will recharge when attacked.  His main enemy is Rescue and Scroll of Angolob since they can remove the hard work you did building his buffs


Strength:  He gets stronger as the battle progresses

Weakness:  Doesn’t do you any good since he can’t hit the broad side of a barn

Notes:  Put him in his scrapper warbound uniform.  This way, everyone gets stronger as the battle progresses.


Strength:  Can exploit the good things about any class without gaining their drawbacks

Weakness:  Very high stamina user, but she can replenish her own health and stamina

Notes:  She really shines when she is at level nine.  I would drain Scrappers first for the extra free attack that doesn’t cost stamina, tacticians next for a free attack, Infiltrators for a counterattack, and blasters for a guaranteed crit.  I would avoid draining Bruisers altogether.

Scarlet Witch

Strength:  Can make it so your team can rule the battlefield

Weakness:  Unreliable. 

Notes:  Chaos Shield has a chance to miss and you never know what buffs and debuffs will come when she lays down her probability field


Strength:  Can one hit kill when built up right

Weakness:  She starts off weak

Notes:  Tigra surprised me.  I played her in PvP and utilized her Tiger’s Fury.  She got batted around a little then attacked the Hulk for five digits worth of damage.  She then dodged a tactician and countered, for another five digits worth of damage.  I was on the verge of losing and she pulled me out of the fire.  Underestimate her at your peril.


Strength:  Has two devastating attacks

Weakness:  Takes a while to build to his true potential

Notes:  I like to pair him with Squirrel Girl.  She inflicts flanked and he can get three charges of Might in Mjolner in one round instead of two.  You have to have is mighty Thor duds on to make this happen. 


Strength:  When buffed right and the enemy is debuffed right, she can lay on the damage.  She also has a follow up attack against shielded characters and protecting characters

Weakness:  To much reliance on buffs and debuffs

Notes:  Thundra is fun to play.  I like having her and seeing a scrappy wolverine on the other side.  She has the ability to take him out in one turn


Strength:  Very hard to hit when nimble is active

Weakness:  Attacks do not do a lot of damage

Notes:  Wasp is a good supporting player.  I like to pair her with a tactician so she can remove that annoying counterattack infiltrator tend to use against me


Strength:  Self heals and shakes off bleeding and poison

Weakness:  Overestimates his own strength

Notes:  Wolverine is a good protector when he cooperates with you (i.e. doesn’t protect when his health is low and doesn’t die when he gets to 0 HP, both of these passives are dodgy).  Nothing is more annoying than taking out Wolverine only for him not to die, attack you and win the game.

Union Jack

Strength:  Pre-Emptive attacks

Weakness:  Does not do high damage.

Notes:  With every attack, Jack can pre emtivly attack ranged attacks, melee attacks and defensive actions.  He also applies flanked.  He is one of the funnest characters to play in the game.


Strength:  One shot kill on his first attack

Weakness:  Low accuracy means it is an all or nothing shot.  Needs to take a nap after the shot.

Notes:  Havok is the first character I ever got from a Spec Op.  It took me a while to warm up to him, but wow, the ability to one shot an enemy into oblivion cannot go overstated.  In addition, he recharges his own stamina, removes shields, and can inflict some nasty debuffs.  I smell a nerf coming soon.


Strength:  Best protector in the game, can create an endless battle situation which frustrates player to no end.

Weakness:  Has only one attack and it is extremely weak

Notes:  On your team, she is awesome.  On another team, she is an annoyance.  Until I found out how to take her down, I reset the game every time I saw her come up.  My favorite strategy is to keep her stunned and work around her until she is the last one standing.  Then I toy with her like a cat with a mouse.  I once got down to Shadowcat and her as the last two standing.  Had to reset because Shadowcat coundn't take her down.

Daimon Hellstrom

Strength:  Makes you want to be debuffed

Weakness:  Takes out your Vishanti Pages because you don’t want him to lose his debuffs

Notes:  Daimon Hellstrom is fun to play.  He can hide your team, self heal and burn the opposition when he is attacked.  In addition, he can remove debuffs from you as well.

Black Bolt

Strength:  One shot kill machine

Weakness:  Takes him a bit to build up top it

Notes:  I happened to have the requisite heroes on my team for this spec op.  I do not care for Black Bolt and find him cumbersome to use.  While he can be a one shot kill machine, it takes him too long to build that power (and Havok does it better).  I think he is only good for flight deck missions.


Strength:  Makes your team work well together

Weakness:  Pretty weak defense.  Needs a protector

Notes:  Psylocke is probably the best infiltrator in the game (although Tigra is a very close second).  With mental coordination, there is a chance for follow up attacks whenever a your character attacks.  This is really great and can take out the opposition one by one.  I would like to see psionic shadows become a quick action.


Strength:  Can bleed an opponent dry and exploits bleeding very well

Weakness:  Pretty low evasion makes her a target.

Notes:  X-23 is the best bruiser in the game.  She has gotten me out of several tight situations.  One of my go to heroes.


Strength:  Passive ability makes it hard for the other team to hit you

Weakness:  Attacks do low damage.

Notes:  Fantomex is an investment hero and really shines at level 9.  However, that three round cool down makes it a one shot deal.


Strength:  Can stack the pain train pretty quickly on the opposing team.

Weakness:  That is pretty much his only good use

Notes:  I only got Shatterstar because the latest run of X-Factor was one of my favorite books.  I find his passive does not activate enough for my tastes (I actually kept track one time and it went off only once in seven battles).  Hate his uniform.

Red Hulk:

Strength:  Protect ability drains stamina and HP from attacker

Weakness:  Really cumbersome to use. 

Notes:  I want to like Red Hulk but I find it hard to.  His attacks do not really do a lot of damage, even when he has high heat.  Additionally, if you do not watch his heat, he will stun himself and damage your team.  Realy good for flight deck missions.


Strength:  Puts on some really nasty debuffs.  Wings make it hard for him to be hit.  Gains health or stamina when someone is defeated.

Weakness:  Attack power is really low

Notes:  I prefer Archangel over Angel as a personal reason.  In the game, I believe Angel is the better option.


Strength:  Buffing machine.  Wings make it hard to be hit.  Can restore a KOed character.  Can remove class advantage.

Weakness:  Attack power is virtually non-existent

Notes:  I never really liked Angel as a character in the comics because he always came across as whiny and weak.  I still don’t care for him as a character now.


Strength:  All her attacks are stealthy.

Weakness:  Useless against opponents that do not bleed

Elektra:  The third best infiltrator in the game (if she had the shred ability, she would be number 2).  She is a mainstay on my defense team because of her chance for a pre-emptive strike and stealth.

Squirrel Girl

Strength:  Too numerous to mention.

Weakness:  Starts with low health.

Notes:  If you missed her, I feel sorry for you.  Everything she does is awesome and makes senses for her character.  The animations are hilarious.  Watching all those squirrels attack brings a smile to my face.  Then when she gets serious, the screen goes black, the squirrels put on their angry eyes and tear the opponent to shreds.

This is not all the heroes I have.  I do have a few more which I have not gotten to level nine yet so it would be unfair of me to say how they shine when I do not know.  The ones I am working on include:

Black Panther

Captain Britain

Spider Man


Moon Knight


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